The breast-plated pale iron horses gallop undeterred

with pounding sound stomping the ground, rumbling

reverberating all around. Hell and death

on the prowl, coughing up bloodthirsty rounds. The

hammer and sickle ripped the cities making prisons,

deathtraps. Lives cut short, severed bodies, dismembered

limbs, spilled blood, a slaughterhouse. It clears away the

living & brings death to all. Life has become barely living

and to live is to cope with the onslaught. The innocent

languish and die. Their bread has turned stale, water into

diesel, and all feel the pangs of hunger. Darkness wanders

the devastated country, the icy earth has blackened with the

settling soot. All have turned black. Their dead are piled-up

in massive graves. The dying embers of crumbled buildings

where many lived are heaps of mangled skeletons, a mass

of piled trash. The people walk the tattered cities, desolate,

with their rags putrefied, on a death march. The road is hard,

muddy, manless, treeless, lifeless—Silence can be heard.

The wind-wisped smoke & the darkened clouds a sunless dome.

Not looking back, they trudge on to seek refuge in a foreign land,

with pain leaving Ukraine.

  • Author: rrodriguez (Offline Offline)
  • Published: March 17th, 2022 15:10
  • Comment from author about the poem: I wrote this poem using some of the definitions of the word hack: to cut or sever, to clear, to loaf, to cough, a prison guard, to ride a horse, and stale. As I was writing it, I thought about how Ukraine is being hacked (cut to pieces). Therefore, I wrote this poem with Ukraine in my mind. Enjoy and comments are welcome.
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  • Christina8

    True and haunting accounts of whats happening in Ukraine. I just can't bring myself to watch TV anymore but this poem was sad. So happy not to be at war. But sorry for Ukraine and what they are going through. Thanks for sharing!

    • rrodriguez

      Christina, thank you for taking the time to read my poem. The poem is indeed sad, but the reality exists. I wanted to depict the horrors of war.

    • Younique

      This is amazing, I can visualize this 100%! Really deep and truthful.

    • Crowns4Christ

      This is very powerful,you captured the devastation and wickedness that these poor people have to endure

    • Goldfinch60

      Such sincere words rr, if only it would stop and love would fill the world it would be wonderful.


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