The path to enlightenment


Maybe I am someone different


Someone who doesn't quite fit in


But what if I had no embarrassment


And started to begin


Living a life no matter how divergent


Don't having to care about what other people think


Feeling finally free and on my way to enlightenment


Let this new story begin!

  • Author: Sophenia (Offline Offline)
  • Published: March 29th, 2022 04:41
  • Comment from author about the poem: For so long, I was trying to hide myself. Because I was afraid of what other people would think of me. This has consulted in me wearing a mask and being invisible. But that's not who I want to be. From now on, I am going to start fresh and renew my story. I am not embarrassed about myself anymore. Now it's my time to shine. On my way to enlightenment!
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  • dusk arising

    To quote the words of a famous rock song "Shine on you crazy diamond".

    So many fences are erected in society which we are expected to live behind/within. It's good to read you have seen them for the hinderance that they are. We all have every right to be freed from these mind controls and tread our path in the light rather than under a shadow.
    Yes "shine on, child of the universe"

    • Sophenia

      Thank you so much!!!

    • L. B. Mek

      good on ya!
      'onwards, then', dear poet
      each step, loud n proud
      'live it, as much
      as you
      believe in it'
      so strive, to find that something
      you believe-n, with all you've got!

      • Sophenia

        Thank you dear poet!

      • dean langmuir

        Well wrote,I am always excited for the person when they seek to shine.may you polish your glow often,take care.

        • Sophenia

          Ahwww! Thank you!!

        • Rocky Lagou

          Yesss!! Shine your beautiful brilliant and illuminant light onto the whole world! I'm so ready for it and I totally am a believer of grabbing your identity and worth by the throat and displaying it to the whole world! 💖

          • Sophenia

            Thank you so much! ❤️❤️🙏

          • G84

            You are at a point in your life that I was at in mine many years ago your surroundings push you to conform to a pre designed mental space - as humans we are like liquid, if we allow ourselves to be contained we take the shape of said container if we are left to be free no two puddles would be the same. It’s time to have your affect on the world without letting the world have its negative effect on you!

            • Sophenia

              Thank you dear poet!!!!

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