Milind Gautam

My lungs are shrinking, I can't breath,
Waiting for the exhale, I live in the
I know I can't make it, but still I try,
Is joy a myth?
Does it comes with a price?

Loneliness is lethal, it withers
my soul,
It corrodes my heart, I can't take it
In this cruel cold world filled with
sorrow and distress,
I need someone who will cherish
my existence.

My head feels heavy, the thoughts
keep lurking,
They remind me how alone I am,
It ain't worth living.
If I give up one day they
will mourn my death,
There is still time,
My phone doesn't ring.

                                 ~Milind Gautam 

  • Author: Milind Gautam (Offline Offline)
  • Published: April 10th, 2022 17:28
  • Category: Sad
  • Views: 40
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  • sonnie

    Beautiful poem. As someone who battles depression I can relate. I try to remind myself that “we are never alone, lest we abandon ourselves.” Thanks for sharing these words.

  • Thekkinkkattil

    Beautiful word nicely written .Poetry is the best way to ward off your happiness

  • L. B. Mek

    'I need someone who will cherish
    my existence.'
    How about, allowing yourself
    to be your own, Hero
    by Cherishing your own existence..
    try thinking of something, anything
    you like about yourself
    look carefully, you may find
    there's a lot: to choose from
    and then, try asking
    what's preventing people from seeing
    your beautiful traits..
    step by step, day by day
    anchor a sense of self-worth
    so impregnable
    you'll soon find, it will be you
    reaching out
    and making that Timely, call
    for those in need...!
    (liked your bravery in wording
    your exasperated state
    so transparent
    thanks for sharing, dear poet
    stay strong)

  • Rocky Lagou

    I can surely relate to this. Being alone and feeling like you have nobody can really be a consuming sensation. I hope you'll feel cherished knowing that your poetry is beautiful, and you have so much to give. Continue fighting the good fight!

  • spilleronsheet

    Being alone
    You learn to know within
    It’s worth to venture out
    And even more to venture within
    In the abyss of despair, writing by the sheer
    One finds the queerest thing amidst themselves
    Maybe a talent of penning
    Airing emotions
    In few lines
    Honest to the sheet
    That wipes the tears
    And understands the sufferings of others too
    Sooner or later, the suffering shall pass too
    The grief shall hurt less
    And furthermore fade with passing time

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