The world through my eyes

What if someone else could see the world through my eyes?
They would see how I always try to harmonize
How bright every day can look when you dive deep
Diving deep and looking for cherished moments te keep
But besides having really good days
They would see some moments of pain anyways

There is one cosmos but as many worlds per mind
Every world is so dissimilar for same eyes of mankind
My world bright lighted up with happiness and hope
To see the clouds of pessimism there is no scope
I see rainbows quite often after every rain of the season
Why shouldn’t I be kind, there is no reason.
Lush green forests contain beautiful animals
And the sky is full of birds chirping like angels
The dark clouds and rolling thunder
Fills me with adventure and makes me wonder
There is a natural rhythm everywhere
You just have to feel the nature if you care.

How would it be to see the world through your eyes? Mine is slowly turning black and white. I used to look for the small details that would make you smile. How do you see your world?
Mine becomes faded and cold. The details used to be uncountable, but slowly they are only becoming a hand full. What would I give to change sights, but I don't think you would like to see the world through my eyes. Maybe one day it will be colourful again.

A long link, a bloodline, is said to have us intertwined -
An unfathomable eclipse is the way I see my life.
Like a glimmer of hope that could've been grasped, however,
A larger soul consumes the light.
A wandering soul, is the world through my eyes.

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