Blooming under the sky


Scorching is the heat 

ducked and stocked in a dense  close room

with white walls forming the corners

while the mind soaring high


a desk to support on 

a rocking chair giving a vibe 

Timber is the desk

mechanical  becomes the brain

typing  constantly on a keyboard with some strain


a young mind 

with growing age

with dreams vast as open sky 

stocked up in a pile 

 talking about  round abode one lives by 


With the blazing sun outside

with scorching heat 

and drenched sweats of hard work on sleeves

soul doesn’t tire by 

it has a dream to fulfil upon

it is trying to bloom under the sky 


negativity strokes the ceiling 

the humble ground says, “stay low”

work  in progress

for a dynamite to explode;

working in silence 

was the trait;


working to make a shot 

maybe a day shall arise

when the blooming shall fill the score

those numbers shall result on sheet

ambitions reaching its shore 


A beautiful sweet smell shall fill  the room

the scent of success filling the abode…..


  • Vamsi Sudha

    Awesome poem And so much positivity showing up !!
    Profoundly said
    Great Work in Silence
    And let success make the noise
    Let you master in your excellence
    Because great things always happen in silence....!!!

    Words just flows your pen and they turned to be magic. !! Thanks Spiller for this yet another wonderful poem !!

    • spilleronsheet

      Thanks for showering praises like cherry blossoms
      In a cold month they are a scene to behold
      Like that in hard times your praises in rhythms of poetry is a respite
      Thanks dear Vamsi and I shall try my best to ink with blue and black around…

    • Bella Shepard

      You blossom with each word. Within the confines of the room, the brain, you bring to life the thoughts, the words of that sweet success in the joy you give to those who read.

      • spilleronsheet

        Thanks dear Bella
        The room filled with smell of paper and inks
        With books of all sorts
        Suddenly seems full of life
        When door of poetry opens and praises from friends heard
        Lifeless objects start telling tales

      • Rozina

        I can imagine this scene vividly. It's wonderful.

        • spilleronsheet

          Thanks dear Rozina
          Much appreciated

        • Goldfinch60

          I am sure that success will fill your world spilleronsheet.


          • spilleronsheet

            Thanks dear Andy for showering me with best wishes…I am sure I will make it…

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