blue orchid


when we live with sin in our hearts,we will only find trouble, 

And when we fall down, it's difficult to dig out of the rubble,

We feel all alone, like we're trapped in a building that has collapsed,

We lose track of ourselves, and don't realize how much time has lapsed,

With sin in our hearts,we feel lonely and afraid,

Wondering where we went wrong and what mistakes were made,

We may never find out, just where we went wrong,

I just pray that it's not to late, when we find where we belong

  • Author: blue orchid (Offline Offline)
  • Published: April 25th, 2022 08:41
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  • Christina8

    Very good poem. It's a good thing that sin is redeemable if we have good intent in our hearts. But guilt can be a bad thing too. Thanks for sharing, I'll try to get in on the fusion.

    • blue orchid

      Ok, there's the max stanzas this time

    • orchidee

      And false guilt too - worse than real guilt?

      • blue orchid

        Um, I think that it's different,false guilt I think is the lack of confidence because if someone has been falsely accused or blamed enough, won't they start to feel like everything is their fault and feel guilty about everything

        • orchidee

          Yes, a bit like trying to scrub something clean, when it's not grubby in the first place - false guilt?
          Not to say there isn't real guilt.

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        • matthew jay

          very good poem

        • Rozina

          A good write.

        • Goldfinch60

          Fine words Melissa, sin can be forgiven if admitted.


          • blue orchid

            It absolutely can Andy, thank you very much,

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