Oh no!

I have an exam tomorrow

Why do I feel sick?

Nauseous, giddy and weak.


My books stare at me from my table,

I feel mentally and physically unstable.

Probably it’s covid that attacked me,

Or pathology that’s trying to screw me.


The tablets and syrups aren’t working

Are you joking?!

I try to sleep and take some rest

But all I think about is how am I going to pass the test ?


My friends and roomies take care of me

They treat me with love and show some empathy

But we all know that tomorrow in the end

I will be the one facing the exam paper with my pen


I start using my defence mechanism

Psychologically I say the exams aren’t important

But when the results do come out

My family won’t be that proud



I say

First I need to get better

My marks don’t matter

They wont decide my future,

So why bother,

Hachooo! Ugh, this cold..

See you guys later !



I have a pathology and microbiology paper tomorrow ..

What is  happening to me?!




  • Author: Felicity (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: April 27th, 2022 03:20
  • Category: Reflection
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  • Saxon Crow

    I what is happening....... You're preparing yourself to pass with distinction! Good luck tomorrow.

  • ChrisLyn🕊

    Well today’s paper didn’t go that well but hopefully the rest will.. . Thanks for the wishes saxon ✨ Hopefully I can enjoy my birthday tomorrow in peace 😄

  • Michael Edwards

    Well the best of luck to you and happy birthday for tomorrow .

  • Crowns4Christ

    Exams seems to be a theme today,you will do great, I know that this sounds crazy but turning on music always helped my concentrate and study

    • ChrisLyn🕊

      Mozart or soft instrumental does help me sometimes

    • EmotionsOnwhitepaper

      I can feel u there
      My exams gonna start from tomorrow and high school finals at that and i am getting chils running through my spine. U described it so well 🔥🔥

      • ChrisLyn🕊

        Exams always make me feel like this especially when I try to gobble the whole portion the night before the exams

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