blue orchid

It takes strength


It takes strength to overcome the wicked men,

The ones that hurt you again and again,

The ones that force themselves on you for one thing,

What does that achieve,but all the pain it will bring,

You have to live with the consequences of their actions,

They don't care about anything, only their buddies reactions,

Anybody that takes advantage of another, isn't a man at all,

Only a lowly person that will have to take a fall,

They deserve to be behind bars, and not get out,

Once a rapist always a rapist, is there recovery, I highly doubt,

The strength that it takes to overcome something like this,can only come from up above,

The strength that it takes it encompassed by God's love.


  • Accidental Poet

    How we treat each other is a choice we all make and have to live with. I believe in what goes around good or bad, comes back around as good or bad. Lead a life of deceit, brutality and hurtful actions, will only bring bad karma back on you. So, a life of caring and showing love will bring back good karma on you. The victims are in God's care. Great expression of your feelings and viewpoint Blue. ūüėČ

    • blue orchid

      Thank you very much AP, I have some friends that have been sexually assaulted, one very recently, I guess this is what is weighing on my heart lately

    • RubyRae

      There's some really bad people out there, it makes me sick thinking about it!

      • blue orchid

        I know dear,but I honestly believe that you can do this,they all deserve to be behind bars

      • spilleronsheet

        Those awful demons must be punished severely….sickening at the thoughts of those lingering devils, polluting the society…

        • blue orchid

          They will get what they deserve

        • Goldfinch60

          That strength can come from friends as well, I know as I have helped others in these situations and I am not god.


          • blue orchid

            Absolutely right my dear friend, absolutely right

          • orchidee

            Good write Blue.

            • blue orchid

              Thank you Orchi, she made the statement this morning

            • Brother Jacob

              Nice write Blue. I can honestly say I have never had to experience a situation like that; there's a lot of evil people in this world. I couldn't even imagine ):

              • blue orchid

                I know, I'm thankful that my friend is reporting and going to catch this guy,but ultimately, vengeance is God's, I'm so proud of her

              • DestinysPerspectives

                This is a powerful poem! Beautifully expressed!

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