blue orchid

Clearing something up

Persistence and brainwashed?? I think not,

The reason we blocked Dusk arising,is because our words were falling on deaf ears,

Our Persistence is for the greater good,if you have dreams, don't give up on them,be persistent and reach for the stars,

If you strive to be a better person, keep doing good,be persistent,

If your goal is to be with Jesus in paradise,be persistent, keep praying, keep sharing the Gospel wherever you can,

It's not up to us, who reads,listens,or who finds truth in the Lord,

We don't want to fight,we don't want to argue,we only want to spread our love for the Lord, and it is totally up to you,if you believe in what we are saying, or not,

We're not brainwashing anybody like Dusk is insinuating, we're not forcing our views on anybody,

So please,read our work and come to your own conclusions,not from our perspective nor from Dusks,

Trust in YOUR hearts, and believe what you will,

I wish you all the best and hope that you are persistent in your dreams and goals,

Persistence IS key,in all aspects of life,

I hope to see you on the road less traveled,


Thank you so much for reading,


Love you all,  

Melissa Crown

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  • Published: April 30th, 2022 12:58
  • Comment from author about the poem: Dusk wasn't interested in having a civil conversation with us and was asking and accusing us,i of things that are against all that we are,
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  • GON

    didn't know there was drama on mps

    • blue orchid

      Not normally, Dusk arising has something against the way foreverjesus6 and I write, says that we are to preachy and brainwashing people, and that our beliefs are a cult, his poem from last Thursday explains this some,idk, just don't like when it feels like a personal attack, especially against my husband and my beliefs

    • Goldfinch60

      This is so unfair Melissa, I gave you an explanation about d a, he and I have the same views. I used to believe in the christian god and was a Chaplain so knew all the answers from a christian point of view. When the christian god did not help my wife with her dementia and eventual passing I gave up christianity and it was like a weight had been lifted from me. I still believe in my god but never again in the farce that is organised religion.
      Pushing your view of christianity on this site causes so many troubles, one poetry site I was on was destroyed by religious ravings and this one nearly failed s few years ago because of a couple who kept on about christianity and tried to force it upon others.

      d a and I have been on this site for many years, I think these word of your are very unchristian like as one of the things that you should believe in is forgiveness.


      • blue orchid

        Yes, I stand by my views and my God and my husband,on Thursday day, posted a poem that feels like a personal attack on us and I stand up for my God and family,no matter what,

        God comes first, above all others,

        Thank you for the comment Andy

        Love always Melissa

        • matthew jay

          Finch, if you walked away you never were a believer anyway.

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        • Cassia DeSousa

          I'm sorry that others here get upset about christian poetry & call it preaching and or other names, the solution is simple those that don't like it shouldn't make themselves upset by reading it, because after a while it's very childish to attack others point of view, how insane it is to attack and or bully others just because of what they chose to write about, I am fairly new to this site & I did have some weird coments on my first 2 postings, it appears some people take the writings to another level...LOL tchau...Cassia

          • blue orchid

            Absolutely true Cassia, thank you for your support

          • Paul Bell

            God and faith. Faith and God.
            I'm always open to both, but only on my own.

          • Brother Jacob

            Sorry this happened to you Blue, I know what’s it’s like to be persecuted online. I have had many other poetry websites as well. One time I got cursed at online all because I told someone God bless you and have a blessed and wonderful day. I don’t force my views or beliefs on anyone I’m the same as you, sometimes people read things and get offended, and personally attack people for their beliefs, and then when people call them out on it, the people who started the whole thing get mad and want to play the victim, it’s just how it is. But the truth of it is we’ve all been guilty, of doing the same exact thing. I wasn’t born a Christian, that’s why I had to become born again. Am I perfect? No, none of us are perfect, except the Lord. To all who don’t understand the Bible, scripture tells us that the sun will shine on the evil and on the good, just as the rain falls on the just and the unjust alike. As long as we live in this world we’ll have good days and bad days, I can’t tell you why people die of cancer, I can’t tell you why bad things happen to good people, I can’t tell you why some live, while others had to depart before their time. I’m not all knowing as God is. I can tell you this though miracles do happen everyday, (even so miraculous that some of the most considered brilliant scientists in the world can’t even explain.) and I know that God is real, I know that His Word is truth. If one thing in the Bible is inaccurate than the whole thing is inaccurate. You hear so many crazy things going on in the world today, if you watch the news, and look and read the Bible you can see the Bible has foretold of the times that we are living in. If you desire wisdom and revelation from God you must ask and believe for it. Sometimes you have to wait to receive something, because there is a specific time frame for it to happen. Not everything happens when want it to, nor like we want it to.

          • matthew jay

            Dusk does not have conversations. He attacks those who don't agree with him. People have their own opinions, but we do not compromise on truth for you all here or anywhere else.

            • Brother Jacob

              I couldn't have said it better myself Matthew, God bless you! (:

            • bellflower

              I agree with you. We don't know when we might serve angels so just do your share rest Lord will help. Persistence is the key.

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