dusk arising

The other side of clearing something up

Oh looky look
I got yet another mention
from blue orchid
who appears to need
to have a go at me
by name in a
snidey manner.
And look another
false accusation
but this time
carefully encased
in a facade of goodwill
christian messages.


Far from her words
falling on deaf ears
as she suggests
(she calls herself 'we' - 
how righteous can u get)
it was in fact my words
falling on deaf ears as
she was incapable of 
addressing any
matters i raised
in a civil manner
and then she
resorted to name calling
at which point I ended
the conversation.


Eventually she posted
an apology for her
behaviour toward me 
on MPS on 22nd april
by which time i had
already selected
"ignore this user".
I only wish she 
could ignore me.


It appears my post about
the brainwashed prompted
this latest piece from her.
What a shame she has
made no attempt
at responding to matters
raised in that piece either
- deaf ears syndrome again.


But beware of not conforming with her beliefs.I got falsely accused
of all sorts of things for doing that and by the look of it I still am being.
I'm accused of not believing on god which is an out and out lie but making
such accusations is typical of the narrow minded approach demonstated
by certain religious types who must have it their way - or the name calling starts.




P.S. Blue Orchid my suggesting you have been brainwashed
is quite different to saying you are brainwashing people DOH!
which i certainly never said and very much doubt you are clever enough to do.
Please refrain from any more of these false accusations you are dreaming up.


  • Goldfinch60

    Have a look at my reply to her d a.


    • dusk arising

      Yes I did and thanks for that sir.

      Disappointing to see other comments from her supporters who are actually adding to the accusations and name calling without a clue about what has gone before. Maybe they just aren't quite as full of love and good will as they'd like to think they are.

    • Saxon Crow

      And breathe

      • dusk arising

        LOL my breathing hasn't been affected at all thanks Saxon.

      • Violet bluebell( used to be yellow rose)

        I’m not really sure I understand what’s going on between the two of you .. but I can see there’s disagreement . Maybe you two could message each other in private and discuss things ? It’s never nice to have conflict or upset with another . I’m sorry you are feeling angry / wound up , dusk ..

        • dusk arising

          As identified in this post, what has been going on is that I have been accused of things i haven't done and been called names. The name calling is why i ended any contact with this woman who clearly became very angry. Though claiming to be a committed follower of her religion it became apparent that her knowledge about it was scant which i assume was why she became angry with me.

          • Violet bluebell( used to be yellow rose)

            Ok . I understand .. that’s not nice to be accused of thjngs . Maybe it’s best to just kind of let the situation go ., I don’t know ., not everybody can get along ,

            Sorry that has happened

          • sorenbarrett

            Sad I thought this was a poetry site not facebook

            • dusk arising

              Thanks Sorenbarrett. Do you think I shouldn't have reacted.

              • sorenbarrett

                No I have reacted before too, but once reaction is all that I will do.

              • GON

                lol you'd do better to keep this to your dms.

                • GON

                  this site does have a private/direct message functionality, and i don't appoint myself to any position. i just know that what ever argument you and blue are having would be better held privately. simply put, it's messy and is probably off-putting to new members to both of what ever it is you have to offer the site and what might otherwise be worthwhile contributions.

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