Natalia B. Odair

If you can't tell, I wear a disguise
Cover the tears in my eyes with a mask
You ask if I'm okay, I put on my facade
And smile and laugh, never cry
If you can't tell, I'm breaking inside
Even though I'm the life of the party
I put on my disguise and drown in the lies
That say I'll never be great as other girls

If you can’t tell
I’m going through life in disguise
Who is this I see
When I look into my very own eyes
If you can’t tell
I have a girl trapped inside of me
She wants to sparkle and shine
And to breakout and live free

If you can’t tell what you don’t know
Then when it’s time say farewell
I’ll call on you and ring your bell
and as I leave I’ll say hello.

mask the pain I try to hide
so they don't see the tears I cry
mask the anger keep it sane
if I had no mask I would be blamed
mask the fear of casting away
tie a rope around your neck to make sure you stay

If you can’t tell
I have been escaping
To a fantasy land
For years
If you can’t tell
I’ve been in disguise
I had a plan
To mask the pain
And avoid the tears

But sometimes the mask cracks
And you can peel it off to see
The perfectly broken
Beautiful disaster
That is me.

  • Authors: Nat B. ✌️❤️ (Pseudonym), W.J.G.🕊, Michael Edwards, Mr,apocalapse
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  • Finished: May 9th, 2022 13:51
  • Limit: 6 stanzas
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  • Comment from author about the poem: Please do 4 lines per stanza, starting with "If you can't tell, I/I'm ________
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