The Stethoscope



The stethoscope connects

My brain right to his heart

It brings the beats of pain

From him right from the start


I hear his thumps of fear

But did that travel through?

No, not along the rubber

It's from his pores and grew


His worry for his health

Had been a long long while

But did he go for help?

No, that's not the macho style


"I have good news dear sir

No sign of sickness found"

A thunderous shout of joy

Rushed out without a sound......

        * * * * * * * * * *


Read Teddy's hilarious poem. Got me thinking about anyone going to see a doctor. 

I have found that men, in general, tend to 'disregard' many symptoms and often appear late to see a doctor. They worry but they fear......

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  • Published: May 3rd, 2022 03:23
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  • spilleronsheet

    This is so true dear Rozina….all are alike… and human nature with overthinking and googling is scared to visit a doctor…once they do they find it wasn’t an elephant but ant…generally an issue of lifestyle problems…

    • Rozina

      Correct. Thank you.

    • Neville

      an excellent observation Roz .. and in more ways than one .. you can beat an egg, but you just can't beat a decent bit of health promotion say's I .. Neville

      • Rozina

        Thank you Neville.

      • Paul Bell

        Okay, I've sawed my leg off, she's going mad. I'll phone an ambulance.
        No, don't do that, an Elastoplast will do. Okay, you might be right. lol

        • Rozina


        • L. B. Mek

          reading your poems
          I can't help, but think
          we men, cause you
          too much concern
          do you, sister!
          that's a much better use
          of your precious Time
          we men
          won't be changing
          anytime soon...
          thanks for sharing, dear poet

          • Rozina

            Thank you Mek. In some countries/cultures, the gender difference in behaviour/thinking is so different across many fields including health, education.

          • Saxon Crow

            Haha. Fair play

            • Rozina

              Thank you.

            • ChrisLyn🕊

              This was 👌👌

              • Rozina

                Thank you.

              • Goldfinch60

                Good one Rozina, it is so good to hear when the Doctor says all is OK.


                • Rozina

                  Yes it is a relief. Thank you.

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