Tin Man

He was hallow in the inside
some say he had no heart
But his soul was so bruised
and battered, he fell apart

Now he walks around
holding a tin-like exterior
Abuse can be hard
but it left him feeling inferior

Tin Man, Tin Man
his eyes are as cold as ice
Oh but don't stay away
please folks, please be nice

Because love is all
a Tin Man ever needs
To melt away his hard exterior
and finally be freed

His heart will beat again
And his soul will
Purge away the strife
The Tin Man, The Tin Man
Can lead a new life


  • Neville

    If he only had a heart, my guess is he woulda shared it between you dear Dove n Dorothy ............ Neville 🙂

  • GON

    absolutely love your structure, this is my kind of poetry

  • Rozina

    I enjoyed reading your poem very much.

  • Goldfinch60

    Good words Dove. may that heart be within him soon.


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