Ruby's final poem


Hi, my name is Emma and I'm a friend of Ruby's. On Friday 6th May, the world lost her and we are all heartbroken. Ruby has been reunited with her dad and is now at peace. This is Ruby's final poem that she wrote two days before she passed but never had the chance to share. I thought it was the right thing to do by sharing it here as Ruby loved this community. 

"I feel like I'm just walking, down this long narrow road. Searching for someone to help me, lift this heavy load. I don't have a direction, no path for me to choose. Not much for me to pick from, not much for me to lose. I guess I'm just a statistic, my life has got no meaning.  Black clouds have started arriving, I can feel the devil scheming. I won't give up that easy, won't go down without a fight. For I know whatever happens, everything will be alright. I'm thankful for those people, the ones who truly care. Who've supported all my struggles, when my minds been in despair. They know exactly who they are, my angels here on earth. They've pushed me through the hardest times and shown me I have worth. So this roadway be a long one, with each step my hope has grown. As now people walk beside me, I know I'm not alone." 

RIP Ruby


  • Rocky Lagou

    I'm literally speechless right now. I remember scrolling through poems on this site a few months ago and always seeing her name pop up. I'll be honest, I never had the chance to read any of her poems or ever talk to her. But seeing this right now has truly made me realize just how delicate life is. I know other poets on this site who did have a close connection with her and they'd publish poems dedicated to her unknown absence, all I can say is my heart goes out to all her family and loved ones. She was so young and so ready to flourish, however it be she passed away I have faith that she's okay now, as you mention, with her father. My condolences go out to you Emma, and know that life is always filled with light, even if it seems like you're surrounded by darkness. This final poem of hers truly goes to show the dazzling talent she had, may she rest in peace.

  • Dahlia

    RIP Rubyrae, fly high with the angels 🙏
    My sincere condolences to you Mrs.Emma & to those that stayed with her in spirit during her earthly tribulations 🙏
    May Glod Bless all of you!

  • Laura🌻

    Dear Emma,

    This truly saddens me. My deepest sympathy for the loss of your friend. May she Rest In Peace.


  • Jerry Reynolds

    A fine farewell, Emma.

  • Natalia B. Odair

    Love and prayers from all of us to you, Emma, and to everyone who knew her. I loved her poetry, and I'm speechless at how this went down. It's so sad to lose someone, you're just in shock.
    Thank you for sharing this Emma, it was a great way to remember her. We'll miss her here at MPS, one of the family is gone now. Love to you as you cope.
    ~Nat B.

  • voices of ghosts

    Rest in Peace young lady ✝️🕊
    My condolences to her family & friends🙏
    Thanks for sharing her last writing, I knew about Rubyrae because of her friends support here on this platform, Melissa & Dion, Blessings to you Emma & to the Crowns for the unconditional love given to Miss Rubyrae 💖

  • cbdave

    RIP Ruby Rea it is a fitting tribute to you with something you loved to do. Now you will make poetry for our Lord. you will be missed by everyone who saw and read your poetry.

  • DestinysPerspectives

    Rest in peace Ruby. I wish we could have known each other longer but it wasn't in the cards. You will never be forgotten.

  • Violet bluebell( used to be yellow rose)

    Sorry for your loss . I didn’t know Emma personally .. such a young age . I’m sorry . Take care

  • bellflower

    Rest in peace Ruby. I too wishes to know about her more.

  • LMTobin

    Rest In Peace Ruby.
    Your poetry and your life has made an impact on the world.
    I'm so sorry fro your loss Emma.

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