RubyRae: The Light Seen with Closed Eyes (A Dedication to a Departed MPS Poet)

Rocky Lagou

Notice of absence from Rocky Lagou

The black tunnel we all live in, isn't our only home.
You don't have to know someone to feel sympathy,
You don't have to know someone to care.
You see, there was a poet I never got to speak to,
And it tugs and yanks at my heart to know that I could've had the chance
To say, "You are loved," "You aren't alone," "You are more than your sadness."
But life is a precious thing, it's delicate like the skies.
There's a light hidden to us humans, it's a light seen with closed eyes.

It’s easy to write about our feelings. We hope someone out there understands with what we are dealing. So easy it is to turn a blind eye, to the pain this screen helps us hide behind. It doesn’t cost much to lend your ear. Be the voice they need someone to hear. Tell them you love them. How important they are. Thoughts of them in your head are never far. The light that’s inside must be allowed to shine. It’s the light that is seen with closed eyes.

Like cells in a tissue, like stars in a galaxy, we're interconnected. One loss is all it takes to shake the system, to rock the universe. There are so many things unsaid, so many retroactive words we could have written, but all we have now are the constellations left behind, and the knowledge to go forward. We hold on tighter to one another, ith dendrites, with stardust, pulling each other a little closer. Offering our shoulder to cry on, offering a hand to hold- and their tears on our collar won't stain like the grief on our hearts.

An unheard voice
An invisible force
An anonymous hero
The life of a stranger
is a single raindrop in an ocean
It means nothing to most
But everything to some


Ruby Rae, I never really knew,
but an angel she was,
I believe it's true.
Fly high, Ruby;
we'll miss you.

When a brother or sister must depart
It leaves a hole in our hearts.
Though we know they're in a better place
It doesn't change the frown on our face.
A member of the family has bid us adieu
Our darling RubyRae, hats off for you
And now even though we're a world apart
Know you're safe, secured in my heart.

I’m literally sitting here
Surrounded by nature
Not another in sight
When I decide to check for new fusions
Much to my sad surprise
A familiar name has seen the light
Yes I’m actually here brushing my very first stroke
I was just taking a moments pause
Now here I sit a little choked
My painting will be dedicated to RubyRea

Sadly, You're Gone, But Happily You're Adimdst Heavenly.
Teary Eyes & Heavy Hearts Lead 2 Our Souls Knowing Comfortably.
R.I.P., I Again Say On Behalf Of This Proud Community Missing U Deeply.
Lovely Beauty Now Angelic Enjoying The Splendor Of Greater Bible Mystery.
History Is Touched Best By The Blessed Writings You've Left Us Miss Ruby Rae.
May U Happily Hear Us Speaking 2 U Now If It Wasn't So When U Were Here Physically.
R.I.P., Fellow Poet, R.I.P.

Sadness is a companion we carry
Unable to hold on to dear life we search for meaning,
for purpose, and for hope that there is something better out there.
But when the walls start caving in,
and the thread seems too thin to hold on to,
we let go
and like a swift wind, death sweeps us away
Perhaps it was our fate all along,
but I can't help but wonder why?
Indeed death only takes the body,
the soul ventures into the afterlife
and left behind are the memories and the words which you have left behind- yet we are all left with the thought of why you chose to leave so soon.

I think that each time a poet passes a star is extinguished in the heavens, only to reappear in the thoughts and remembrances of those who knew and loved them. I didn't know you RubyRae, but your name alone sounds joyful and full of life, and your poetry must have been equally beautiful. You belong to the universe now as is fitting, and your words will ring there forever.

Your scribbles marked words,
Transititory sounds which resonate,
Echoing in the chambers of someone elses heart.
Your pen may be silent,
Your voice may not purr in the ears of the man you love,
Or soothe the children whom you inspired,
But you were here.
You made those marks,
You uttered those words,
Painted your soul into the ether,
It rang out,
Stood tall and vibrated with others like a melody.
Your pen is silent,
but your words will always be here.

Ruby Rae, a young beautiful talented poet. A poet here on MPS that I have yet to meet. And now I’ll never get the chance to meet. All those who knew her, feel her loss deep in their hearts and souls. Had I known her, I’m sure I would have liked her and her poetry as much as all who did know her. But still, I can’t be in her inner circle of friends. To share in her poetic brilliance as other have. But as I look around me, I see that brilliance in others who’ve shared their hearts and thoughts of Ruby Rae. And in the influence she’s had on so many, I can begin to know the poet that is Ruby Rae. As she lives on in all those who knew her so well.

Though a cognitive sympathy allows
to recite in common refrain,
a shared experience and maybe a knowa gl mpse in another~s QUATRAIN
the poet you did not speak to
is mute.
The poet's tune floats on in the..
If I shut my eye
Why I'm beginning to
See the Light

The sunshine crafted her.
Written words of strength carved her spine.
Eyes the color of grounding earth.
Her soul the incarnation of a warrior.
Her feet searching for peace.
The arch angels guiding her every step.
While wiping every tear she wept,
they fastened her angel wings.
Now she glides the heavenly skies.
Her father smiling while flapping his wings,
with her.
Her final wish granted to reunite with her father.
All should know she fought and won her battle.
All should know the world wasn't ready for her light.
All should know she really was an angel.
All should know she shined the brightest of them all.

There are worlds beyond our own
Born of peace and beauty and love
May you be there, RubyRae
Let your memory be forever remembered,
Let your words serve as inspiration,
Whether written or not
Use your wings, dear angel
To fly above
Be happy, RubyRae
Inside the gates of heaven


  • FallenAngel1🕊

    R.I.P. RubyRea. My sincere condolences to her family,friends and all who knew her🌹🕊🕯

  • Rocky Lagou

    To everyone who played a part in bringing this little dedication of mine to fruition, thank you so much. RubyRae should serve as a sign for everyone to push forward, she fought with mental health and loss, and I as a person who've lost my mother and also struggle with depression, just want to say to always focus on the light of life. She considered us a community, and as one I believe we have lifted her memory to new heights with this collaborative poem. Thank you dear poets and friends for shining light on the poet we lost. But I know deep in my heart that she peacefully lives on in her words and in the light seen with closed eyes, the light reserved for the afterlife.

    • NafisaSB

      lovely lines. sorry for the delayed response.. i have sent mine today
      take care

    • EmmaB

      I just wanted to say on behalf of Ruby's loved ones a massive Thank You for all your kind words.
      Ruby had a very tough childhood and experienced many things most of us couldnt even imagine, then recently she lost both parents, which left her feeling alone. However, Ruby fought her hardest to stay positive and keep her light shining. She was such a beautiful, talented and kind soul, despite all the things she had been through, she never failed to smile. She will be missed dearly.
      If Ruby's passing has taught us anything, it's to always show kindness, we never know what battles people are fighting. Make the most of the time you have here and live life the best you can. If your struggling, please reach out for help, you don't have to suffer in silence!
      Once again, thank you to everyone who has showed support and love towards Ruby. I hope she's up there with her father, reading how much people still care❣️

      • Rocky Lagou

        Hello, I'm assuming you're Ruby's friend who posted her last poem. I just want to give my sincere and wholehearted condolences to you and to her family. Ruby's story has truly made my heart heavy, even despite me never having the chance to talk with her. I lost my mother at 13, and I know what it's like to lose someone so close and beloved and the despair that one gets after such a loss. I have depression, and I had suicidal thoughts, and to know that I could've had the chance to speak with Ruby about her suffering and sympathized with her on a relatable level really hurts. It really goes to show how delicate life is, and that one should seek help after tragedy like loss strikes. Ruby has inspired me to push forward and to always see the light even during the hardest times, and I know her kindness and her journey will live on in her poetry. I pray for you and her loved ones, may you always focus on the light in the darkest of places.

        • EmmaB

          Hi there, Thank you so much, it really does mean a lot. I am so sorry for your loss, that must of been incredibly hard. I am only a message away if you ever need to talk, people care about you and you are very important. I'm so glad Ruby has inspired you, I think her death has shown a lot of people just how precious life is. Keep staying strong and pushing through, I'm proud of you!

        • Violet bluebell( used to be yellow rose)

          Hello , so nice of all of you to write a poem on behalf of ruby . I didn’t know her , but it’s sad that she lost her life at such s young age . Nice of you to start the poem , Rocky ))

          • Rocky Lagou

            Hello dear poet. I didn't want to seem insensitive by writing a poem about her passing, I know it's a touchy thing, but I felt it was only right to work on something as a community to honor the life of a young poet. I hope her story goes on to inspire others to cherish life to the fullest and to always focus on the light even during the hardest times. I know Ruby is resting in peace, watching from the sky

          • DestinysPerspectives

            She was the sweetest soul and had so much strength inside of her. It's only right that everyone knows who she was. Rest in peace Ruby. I hope from the other side she is able to see how many people really care for her. She truly will never be forgotten.

            • Rocky Lagou

              I hope so, too, Destiny. I know her memory will forever live on in her poems.

              • DestinysPerspectives

                It certainly will! Thank you for allowing me to be part of this fusion poem! It meant a lot. Funny enough I was going to post what I had added on here Sunday but something told me to wait. I am glad I did. It's only right that we pay tribute to Ruby as a community. The very community she loved and escaped to when she needed peace from her pain. In her final poem she wrote: As now people walk beside me, I know I am not alone. This fusion poem showcases exactly that. While posting her private thoughts in poetry she discovered she was not alone anymore from the kind comments that this community expressed to her in her greatest time of need.

              • Paul Bell

                Always sad when we lose one of our own. Onwards up to poet's rest.

                • Rocky Lagou

                  It truly is, she was a person with so much potential and goodness to share. And I know her story will go on to inspire others to never stop fighting.

                • bellflower

                  Right high-up
                  You begin the new start-up
                  Amidst the angels of hope
                  who thought you to cope.

                  O Rubyrae
                  We miss you at bay
                  but never mind
                  I know you're in the right hands.

                  O winds of the air
                  carry this message fair
                  Ruby you fought it well
                  now it's time to enjoy well.

                  Thanks for the invite but I missed it. Your opening poem is really touchy. Beautiful.

                  • Rocky Lagou

                    Your stanza is also a heartwarming addition to this collaborative poem Bellflower. Ruby, although not known by all, will inspire hope and resilience for those who read about her story. Thank you for writing down your own precious rendition.

                    • bellflower

                      My pleasure

                    • Ash :)

                      Rubyrae a poet I never knew
                      But I hope she flys high, creating beautiful light for our sky
                      I wish i was there to say your loved your beautiful and amazing
                      but all I can really say now is I hope the gates of heaven open to you

                      Thank you for the invite sorry for seeing it so late

                      • Rocky Lagou

                        Hello. This was a beautiful addition to the poem. Ruby truly was a poet that was passionate about kindness, and was ready to share it with everyone. I know she's safer now, dwelling in the bliss of the afterlife.

                      • LMTobin

                        Beautiful tribute.
                        Praying Ruby is in peace and comfort now.

                        • Rocky Lagou

                          I do too dear poet. I know she's in a better place now.

                        • L. B. Mek

                          May she rest in peace.
                          This is a beautiful thing you've all accomplished.
                          A page where her friends and family can come to and find comfort.
                          Thank you! RubyRea for impacting us all, so significantly
                          in such a short time.
                          Soar free, wherever you may be.

                          • Rocky Lagou

                            Hello beloved poet. It really is so beautiful to see everyone come together to write something in memory of a fallen poet. I know her memory will live on.

                          • Fernaaz

                            Beautiful poem! I am sorry to say I could not participate due to schoolwork, but it is definitely a beautiful and heart-touching poem in memory of somebody not quite known to everybody. Amazing job!

                            • Rocky Lagou

                              No problems, we're all a community together and as a community I believe we've all payed the due respects to a poet who cherished us dearly. I know she's in a better place.

                            • Rozina

                              Ruby may you rest in peace. May your beloved family and friends be comforted to know that you are safe and at peace.

                            • spilleronsheet

                              I wish her soul to rest in peace…it’s always sad to loose a colleague…a friend with stories to tell through her poetries…her absence will always stay as void…but her poetries will continue to inspire others and shall be eternal…

                              • Rocky Lagou

                                It truly is a sad time when we lose one of our own dear Spiller. I just hope her heart's at rest now. And like you say, her poems are forever a sign of who she was.

                              • A.B. Jakobsen

                                The act of dedicating this poem in memory of your lost friend is one of the highest forms of praise and respects one can do to a fellow artist of any kind. May she rest in peace and my deepest sincerities to her family and those close to her. In times of bereavement, togetherness and remembrance are practically a prerogative to any and all affected.

                                I would also like to express my regret at missing the opportunity to honour her memory by contributing to this poem.

                                • Rocky Lagou

                                  Hello, thank you for leaving such a heartfelt comment on this collaborative poem. It truly was the least we could've done as a community to honor and remember the life of a poet on this site. It's alright that you didn't contribute a stanza to the poem, from seeing your comment I know that you meant the best for Ruby. She will forever live on in her words.

                                • crypticbard

                                  Being new to MPS, I hadn't the opportunity to 'meet' RubyRae nor have been able to read any of her work. But his fusion is truly encouraging as community is alive and I thank all of you in this collaboration. /Rik.

                                  • Rocky Lagou

                                    It truly was a surprise to me to see so many people willingly contribute to this fusioned poem. It goes to show the care and sympathy others have, even if they didn't personally know Ruby. May she rest in peace.

                                  • screaming goat.

                                    I hope you rest in peace, Rubyrae.

                                  • NafisaSB

                                    i have not had the pleasure of meeting Ruby or reading her poems, which, i think, is entirely my loss, which i hope to amend in the near future.
                                    I pray that God welcomes her in Heaven with open arms, and she continues to spread happiness and cheer wherever she is.
                                    Rest in peace Dear Ruby.
                                    my tribute:
                                    No one is eternal
                                    We all will, one day, die
                                    Leaving family and friends
                                    To mourn and to sigh
                                    So let's lead a life
                                    that spreads hope and cheer
                                    so that we will be missed
                                    by all our near and dear
                                    God bless us all

                                    • Rocky Lagou

                                      What a touching and beautiful stanza Nafisa. Thank you so much for participating and showing your wholehearted care. I know she's in a better place.

                                      • NafisaSB

                                        good morning. yes i agree she has gone to a higher and better up plane/place.
                                        have a good day..take care

                                      • Simplyalice

                                        Another beautiful soul gone too soon fighting nothingness !!! May her soul rest in peace and deserve an amazing world which this world could not give.

                                        Thanks Rocky Lagou for starting this thread, may it will bring some calmness to her family that in this world she was loved so much by a community.

                                        • Rocky Lagou

                                          Of course Alice, it felt as though it were something in my heart tugging me to open this up. I know that despite her not being here physically, her soul lives on in her words. She's an inspiration to never give up. Have a beautiful day dear poet.

                                        • ProfessionalPaperDigester

                                          Darn, I wished I had arrived in time to help with this. I'm always up for keeping the memory of these people alive in a world where all it takes is infamy to live forever. A farewell to RubyRae and condolences to all her friends and family.

                                          • Rocky Lagou

                                            What matters is that you cared enough to read and share your condolences. I know her memory will forever live on in her words, that's why poetry is so powerful.

                                            • ProfessionalPaperDigester

                                              I hope that maybe I can get a similar fate when I pass. Only time tells, and hopefully it's patient.

                                            • Will-o-the-wisp

                                              My heart is aching right now. The most beautiful thing anyone can do for someone they love. I read somewhere that the human death comes in 3 phases. First the soul, then body, the last when someone remembers them for the last time, this way she can live forever in hearts of her loved ones, the one she inspired and will inspire. The poem gave me a glimpse of how beautiful she must have been. My deep condolences to all her friends and family.

                                            • Dhanya

                                              I don't know her. I am sure she was someone who others loved knowing. She must have been someone special. Bringing together this community is not something a less thoughtful person would be able to do. I want to know her.

                                            • Dhanya

                                              I don't know her. I am sure she was someone who others loved knowing. She must have been someone special. Bringing together this community is not something a less thoughtful person would be able to do. I want to know her.

                                            • _m_ostwanted

                                              I'm really sorry I couldn't participate in the poem because I've been away for sometime now.
                                              It really saddened my heart to hear about the passing away of RubyRae 💔💔
                                              May her soul continue to rest in peace.

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