Saxon Crow

No, I'm Not

Words left unsaid too late to speak

That gentle smile your eyes did seek

Will never reach these lips of mine

As the curtains close on treasured times


Hands once held now feel the cold

Your warm embrace I'll no longer know

And in this crowd I'm so alone

Numbed to touch within my soul


Sweet perfume that filled the air

A scented image to say you're there

Is fading clean on closeted clothes

And what's left to smell are dust and bones


Raucous laughter loud and clear

A ringing bell upon the ear

Is an echo fading in this home

So loudly silent now I'm on my own


The photographs all gather dust

And pots and pans all turn to rust

As my eyes betray me where I look

A constant reminder of what was took


And every sense betrays the truth

That I'll never stop missing you

There's just no reason anymore

Because you are dead and forever gone


So I awake now every day

In this premonition of a grave

With my only piece of tiny hope

To hear you say 'No, I'm not'







  • Violet bluebell( used to be yellow rose)

    And a great expression too , crow ) well written . Grief is very difficult to deal with ..

  • Teddy.15

    Well, very relatable to me, reminded me of my mother, as she died suddenly and I didn't get to say goodbye, I always think of her and even after 10 years I cannot believe I didn't get to say goodbye. This touched my heart, I know this would also be relatable to anyone who is missing someone they once loved. A very moving and beautifully written poem. 💖

    • Saxon Crow

      Thanks Teddy. We never forget the ones we love. It keeps them alive in a way

    • orchidee

      A sensitive write SC.

    • L. B. Mek

      really well written
      shows great skill, to word
      such a sensitive topic
      whilst staying in control
      of your delivery..
      and crafting an emotive read
      with graceful subtlety
      than dramatic exaggeration..
      thanks for sharing, dear Poet
      'A ringing bell upon the ear
      Is an echo fading in this home
      So loudly silent now I'm on my own

      The photographs all gather dust
      And pots and pans all turn to rust'

      • Saxon Crow

        Thanks for reading LB.

      • Distant View

        A poignant scene. Departure and death take their toll.

        • Saxon Crow

          They can do. But life always goes on.

        • Christina8

          Very well written poem on a poignant subject. I couldn't imagine being without my husband. Great poem about grief in general!

          • Saxon Crow

            I couldn't imagine being without your husband either (oh what was that? 😝). Thanks Chris.

          • Rocky Lagou

            Truly written well. To everyone who has lost loved ones, like myself, I know this will hit home. Your descriptions are really interesting and the rhyme ties it all together.

            • Saxon Crow

              Thanks Rocky. Sorry for your loss my friend

            • dusk arising

              I've read this through a few times and have the feeling that this piece needed to be written. It is so well written that i sense it took time to compose and now appears as a statement of the great loss of a much loved figure in your life.

              And then I read your author's note lol. Well i was going to delete my comment above and start again but, no... it's a credit to you skills as a creative writer. Well done poet.

              • Saxon Crow

                Thanks Dusk. I would have been polite about. Honest guv!

              • Rozina

                Very touching and very relatable. Many relatives are also going through this now as the older generation is lost one by one.

                • Saxon Crow

                  It's sad how it all happens at once.

                • PridelessIdiot

                  Beautiful poem. Rhymes and imagery were employed really well to describe the pain that was gone through. I thoroughly felt the pain that the persona was going through. *thumbs up*

                  • Saxon Crow

                    Thanks for the thumbs up👍 PI 🙂

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