Paul Bell


I’m just popping out for cigarettes
Just popping out
But he never returned
Every day, someone just pops out and never returns
It was out of character
Something must have happened
She left the keys in the ignition, her mobile on the seat
She hasn’t been seen since
It doesn’t make sense
Every day, someone will just walk out the door and never return
They all have their reasons
Stress, money troubles, relationship breakdowns
For the loved ones left behind
Some never recover
Murder is always the first thought
Some return in time
Some return after several years
Some change identities, and never return
Eighty percent of people who go missing have mental health issues
Teenagers make up the biggest numbers
The greatest tragedy in all of this is
The Police may find people after several years
The missing person will tell them they don’t want to be found
The loved ones never know this.


  • Teddy.15

    I remember that happened to Olivia Newton John, it is another thought provoking poem of yours dear Paul, not knowing where a loved one is must be a true life sentence to those who are waiting their return. Some are selfish and some are murdered, some like that young lad, soldier who apparently fell in a bin when he was drunk was one I can think of right now,he was very unlucky . Very sad once again dear Paul your words ring true 💖

    • Paul Bell

      It must be strange when people just disappear.

    • Rozina

      There are reports every day of missing children, sometimes adults. Some turn up but many don't. I cannot imagine the agony of those waiting, waiting to know, imagining the worst, hoping for the best. Your poem is a reminder that we must care for and love our family and friends dearly and look out for signs of mental distress early.

      • Paul Bell

        It is a weird one.

      • MendedFences27

        O.K. This is so real. A constant problem nationwide. For whatever reason, they simply walk away.
        A sad situational poem. Makes one think. What if it happened to me? Enjoyed it. - Phil A

        • Paul Bell

          It maybe the only way for some.

        • Bella Shepard

          I think that unresolved grief must be the hardest to bear. There is no consolation for those who have a loved one missing. This is such a thoughtful and pertinent subject in our world today. Thank you for giving voice to it.

          • Paul Bell

            It sure must be the worst grief of all.

          • Goldfinch60

            Very emotive words Paul and so true in many cases.


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