The Last Words



As I lay on the bed

Thoughts swirl in my head

"Pressure falling" Nurse read

But so many things still unsaid


Forgive me for hurting you

For not being grateful too

The times I made you blue

Screaming words that are taboo


But love was there all along

Even as I did so much wrong

And now you have to be strong

As I go to where I belong


Speak words that are always kind

They'll seep into the hearts and minds

Of our loved ones left behind

And of us they will remind


On this bed to me it occurred

That these words I uttered

These words of mine you heard

May well be The Last Word.

          * * * * * * * * * *

An elderly relative is gravely ill in hospital. His spouse was seated beside holding his hand and whispering softly to him. Their daughter told me her mum has been by her dad's side since admission 2 weeks previously and the doctor had just said it would now be a matter of hours.

But death can strike any time, even crossing the street, at school, no warning at all. How can we predict that morning we leave for work is the last moment we see our loved ones? The last moment we say or hear the last words?


MPS friends, This is my last poem posting. I have really enjoyed reading and sharing poems since I joined on 28th October 2021. Many of you are so inspiring and encouraging and give poets a reason to continue on this poetry journey. But now I plan to spend more time practising my drawing, guitar, learn new languages, read and garden more, travel and spend more time with my family.

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye and to Teddy, Arriverdeci.


  • Author: Rozina (Offline Offline)
  • Published: May 26th, 2022 02:18
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  • dusk arising

    Wishing you well on your ventures and travails. I have enjoyed sharing your poetry and your artwork has always pleased my eye.
    Enjoy life and smile often.

    • Rozina

      Thank you dusk. Stay safe and healthy and happy.

    • Paul Bell

      Playing guitar on the train travelling the world. You go, girl, and knock them dead. Don't be a stranger now, pop back now and again to cheer us up.

      • Rozina

        Thank you Paul. The fastest way to empty the coach would be for me to play the guitar and sing! Cheers.

      • L. B. Mek

        sadness of your leaving
        takes nothing away, from the privilege
        it was to share
        these fragments of our poetic life's twisting paths, with you
        dear Poet
        I wish you, your daughter
        and all your loved ones
        the very Best
        thank you! for choosing to share
        come back anytime

        • Rozina

          Thank you Mek. All the best to you.

        • JudyStella

          A very emotional poem and a more sadder message. I joined recently but still enjoyed the few I saw! Well wishes for your journey! Hope to see your work again, someday🍀

          • Rozina

            Thank you JudyStella. Keep writing your wonderful poetry.

            • JudyStella


            • Bella Shepard

              Dear Rozina, It has been such a privilege getting to know you through your beautiful poems. You will be missed, but it is wonderful to think of you as growing and exploring in so many new ways, that's what life's all about. God bless you in all that you do.

              • Rozina

                Thank you Bella. I have thoroughly enjoyed being here and will miss the poetry and the friendship. God bless you. All the best.

              • Goldfinch60

                Such a shame that you are leaving Rozina but we will always be here for you if you come back.
                May your new ventures in art and music take you to that place of absolute wonder that they can bring in life.
                Great to have read you words, I may be listening to your music in time.
                Keep smiling.


                • Rozina

                  Will do. Thank you Andy.

                • SureshG

                  And on this site you have left a slice of yourself, that will be there for eternity.

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