a thousand wishes

Loving you

Loving you is the look on a groom's face when he sees his bride
Loving you is like a newborn baby feeling the sun on their face for the first time
Loving you is fireworks on the fourth of July or new year's eve
Loving you is like my first day of high school,
Anxiety and excitement swirl up inside of me
and explode into the same fireworks that I saw for the first time

Loving you
I would do
even if it means
hating myself
day after day
painful thoughts invade
but you
are always in the back of my mind
a reminder that
maybe soon, I may find
some sort of peace
in my life
If I am hurting you
by loving you
I would love you no more
until you stop
drowning me in silence
I will never know
until you say
those final words
I will never know
until then though
I will never stop
loving you

because loving you warms me up on cold days
so I pray that we never go our separate ways
I pray that we never stray from this path
full of love, my heart is full of you
you can count on that to be true,
so just know that no matter what you do
I am here, still loving you

I fell in love with your scars
Sucked the sweet nectar of your heart
Your eyes, still being the epitome of conveyance
Can see through me in the darkest of days, miles apart
So don't cry darling
My hand still grip yours warmly
The glint of our rings still gleams
I still am present here, loving you


  • Natalie Gladmir

    are always in the back of my mind".
    Why in the back? Don't agree. If u have strong feelings beloved must be only in mind.

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