thoughts on a twilit horizon

sunrise unveiled a promise of treasure
demure as petals enjoining midday
grey clouds thin in billowy summer breeze
freeze a moment before this day consumes

Honeyed whispers of wind
Caressing the water's smooth surface,
Reflecting the evening sky
Indigo, as blueberries, over-ripe
And the silver sliver of the moon's smirk
Piercing through the pine
If only I could lock this moment in my heart
like a locket
Breathe the evergreen breeze
And carry the stars with me wherever I may go
And feel this moment as I would feel
A photograph between my fingertips

sunset reveals firefly melodies
meandering starlit rivers flow,
flowered evening fragrances wafting;
welcomes a momentous nocturne

  • Authors: crypticbard, Velma Ruth Lenoir
  • Visible: All lines
  • Finished: June 26th, 2022 02:00
  • Limit: 14 days
  • Invited: Public (any user can participate)
  • Category: Reflection
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  • Lululy

    Beautiful imagery. Surreal.

    • crypticbard

      Thanks, Lululy. Glad to be able to do a first ‘fusion.’ Thanks to Velma Ruth Lenoir for taking it up so kindly.

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