Fay Slimm.





Diamantéd mist of morning-sheen pearls
hang in forest air.

Soundless as cream, calm gently unfurls
on every leaf there.

Woodland cool coats thick silence in hush
while healing awaits.

Pregnant with need heart births new trust
and grieving abates.

Wonder seeps slow into lightening psyché
for stillness breeds awe.

Not a thing stirs when lush of deep quiet
begins to transform.

Missioned by heaven divinely sent peace
helps sadness relent.

Unseen love's presence begins to reveal
gift of contentment.


Nature intends mind-sedation as it redeems.

Praise for regeneration by its sensory means.


  • L. B. Mek

    (well, dear fay
    you've bestowed upon me
    more inspiration and thus
    these words below, blossomed
    into existence
    I'll thank you for the millionth time
    with the same passion and humility
    I had, when I thanked you
    the very first time
    as-ever, I bow
    to your far - far, Superior
    Guiding, talent
    oh, most cherished Poet!)
    'induced to feel, faint
    our endless lament, of
    cruel fate
    as our journey's end;
    mercy, of happenstance
    as our self-tripping, mistakes
    alone on our knees, before
    as callous as those, who
    our bruises and thus
    freed us, gifted us
    rainbows of sunlight, delight
    as Aurora
    after life's blindsided, flash storms
    us yield for our survival and belief
    in a better
    somewhere, existing beneath
    of rooted potential, in each and every
    we sip in defiance - in, hope
    in choosing
    to fight, to strive and Bravely

    • Fay Slimm.

      Your review is astounding - - thank you so much for your continued encouragement dear friend.

    • dusk arising

      Excellent choice of picture to accompany your words. Yes, slowly read a peace descends just as it would in the woodland pictured.

      You really have captured the healing presence there is in the calm natural peace of such environs.

      Into my favourites - that my mind shall be taken to the spirit place of inner peace and be refreshed.

      • Fay Slimm.

        Appreciate so much that you have this piece in your favourites Dusk - -- I was in that wood and felt what I wrote.

      • orchidee

        Good write Fay.

      • Goldfinch60

        Meditation in Natures realm shown to its full delight in your words Fay.


      • Neville

        Hey Fay, you just nailed nature and the way of it so bloomin well .. and in a style so aesthetically and uniquely yours .................. Neville x

        • Fay Slimm.

          Hey Nev - am feelin' regenerated and so bloomin good to get your visit and comment - -thanking you muchly ...........x

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