Saxon Crow

Who Will Be Waiting?

Who will be waiting for me when I die?

Anyone at all with a comforting smile?

Family members long since gone?

Or friends forgotten that once were known?

Who will be waiting at the end of this life?

When I finally lay down and shut my old eyes

And then to wake up somewhere that's new

The dream now over and the story all told

Who will be waiting, anyone at all?

Or is it just an ending with no curtain call?

And will I know as I draw my last breath

That none of it mattered and it all led to death?

And if no one is waiting for me to go on

And there's no tunnel of light or feelings of warmth

I can't help but wonder as I slowly die

Will I laugh at the truth or will I silently cry?



  • Teddy.15

    Awe, the thing for me that would be hard to comprehend, is that if we go back to those we love we'd probably be right where we are now? lol such a magnificent subject I believe and it's my personal thought, we just get reborn. I reckon maybe a few hundred years ago I may have been a fisherman or a fisherman's wife as I've always been a bit scared of tempestuous seas. But I could go on because my dreams also tell me many things. Brilliant and beautifully written, mio caro sax. 💖

  • poeticYa


  • Goldfinch60

    I will be waiting, sitting in a bar with my dad, Mozart, Chet Baker and Johnny Cash, you will be very welcome to join us SC.


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