Saxon Crow

Freedom #2

I'd love to write what is on my mind

But if I did I'd no longer be kind

I want to say what needs to be said

But once I did it could be the end

My conscience gets the better of me

And I wonder

If I didn't have one, would I be free?



  • Goldfinch60

    Many of us feel like this SC but that freedom is always in our mind and heart.


  • orchidee

    Ohh, the only freedom is getting away from my singing. That's what folk tell me anyway! lol.

    • Saxon Crow

      Fair comment Orchi!

      • orchidee

        I never know. I go on having singing lessons, about 8,473 so far. I never spot the tutor's ear plugs. He says you're doing fine, just fine! lol.

      • Teddy.15

        I feel the same lately just looking at the news in the UK and all the rest, I bet if you did have the courage you would draw a masterpiece, no doubt about that. Biggest hugs dear Sax. 💖 Ps yes you would then feel free. Sometimes it just has to be said.

        • Saxon Crow

          I'd just come across as a grumpy old f***er I reckon Teddy lol

          • Teddy.15

            Maybe grumpy but less of the old please lol 🤣

          • Morwenna

            Free from your conscience perhaps. But not from whoever/whatever makes you upset/angry/indignant/frustrated/sad. And anyway, just write it - you don't need to publish it. I find it very therapeutic when any of the above. It a great thought-provoking stanza.

          • Violet bluebell( used to be yellow rose)

            I have posted some poems in the past .. which were a bit personal .. then regretted it feeling like I was making others feel bad or sad . I think it’s ok to share a sad poem every now and then but I do think others maybe prefer reading happier ones ..

            • Saxon Crow

              I wrote a poem about that lol

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