Telly trouble and dangers


 I have posted this poem of mine on several different international poetry sites everytime there is a school shooting in the U.S as I care about all children deeply and feel for innocent lives lost.
This time in Uvalde, Texas, USA)

What kids are watching on telly
are crimes and crimes in all variety!
Crimes of hate
crimes of passion
acting it out at shocking rate
thinking in some wild fashion
then ending up cell mates
TV can kill their compassion
Their coffins enter cemetery gates

When kids watch their movie heroes
shoot down people with the gun
they are incited to do the same
to achieve some thrill and fun.

When they see their very film star
slash someone's throat in a fit of anger
they think well of crimes of rage
and plunge everybody else into danger.

The tendency to portray the violent scene
luridly and shockingly on the Big Screen
Ah, even for the small screen, tis the gory
that makes for the dark and thrilling story.

Now that technology's long opened
this wily pandora's box,
the dispersal of amplified social ills
just ain't no hoax

The rowdy hoodlums and reckless gangsters
are simply by-products of Tv influences
The world watches the thriving of the bully-boy pranksters
passively in helpless terror of their offences.

It's all portrayal of the vulgar, the obscene
by that devious Silver Screen
And the horror movie
though it may seem groovy
begets the horrendous
and drills evil thoughts subliminally
into the subconscious!

Viewing those gruesome swashbuckling films
gives rise to morbid sadistic whims
Flipping through the TV channels just ponder
if the telly's the perfect channel
of information is it a proper panel?

Dad always tells me, 'fear ye the roaches' flicking antennae?
While you oughtta fear the influence
of 'em' flickering images by dish antennae'.

It's an unrestrained dark faking
of real life reality exaggerating
Whether it's Bollywood in the East
or it's Hollywood in the West
they don't merely impart tactics of defence
but rather those of aggressive offence

Just verbal tougher gun laws couldn't halt
even underage shooting sprees
Rather it's stringent scanning of Tv content
and banning citizens from acquiring guns
that might make it forever cease

Parental supervision too tis gravely essential
should've been of parental code quintessential
So the next time you catch your youth or teen
absorbed and engrossed while glued to the screen
Just sleuth a bit just to make sure
that for the x-rated he's not too keen!

Only a mere single merit that I dug
as I drank cappucino in my mug
that atleast one couldn't live in a bubble
daily watching this bubblebug.

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  • JudyStella

    When kids watch their movie heroes
    shoot down people with the gun
    they are incited to do the same
    to achieve some thrill and fun.
    I love this stanza! The poem spits facts! From the beginning to the end you vividly describe the situation, the causes and how to avoid such detrimental effects. Very informative and is timely! Great poem! One to share with the youth of today and tomorrow! 👏

  • sadkw33n

    Your poem is indeed telling a sad truth, which you put into words very well. It's not news that violence appears everywhere on tv movies or series, video games ect. We should be careful what we "feed" the minds of the young. The consequences can be enormous. A great poem and a very interesting and important topic.
    Congrats 👏

  • Raven333

    Wow, explosive read, I loved it. I felt the anger, the passion and the message was clear. great write!!!

    • 🐤s.zaynab.kamoonpuri🌷🐦😽

      Yeah it was more alarmed awareness and concern in mind than anger, thanks soo much for a thoughtful comment,

      • Raven333

        your so welcome, it was a nice read

      • tallisman

        All the comments above I agree with. I don’t understand gun laws in the us! Crazy…

        • 🐤s.zaynab.kamoonpuri🌷🐦😽

          Um yeah there sure must be unusual gun ownership freedoms without responsibility as well as motivation from media. Enough to develop the dark side in youth. Thanks for the comment!

        • L. B. Mek

          impassioned! your sincere willingness to contribute, to help
          in whatever way
          is so admirable, dear poet
          and yes, for sure
          the imagery
          we subject our children to, plays
          a pivotal role in manufacturing
          such heinous tragedies, in-to reality
          but we all have to remember
          applying a blinkered solution
          to a nuanced and complex problem
          will only worsen the situation..
          beyond our reactionary grief and passion
          to affect change and end to this plague of modernity
          we must, first
          understand the true roots of the problem
          for example
          a lot fewer children, in modernity
          have a father-figure in their lives
          let alone one, that imparts such wise advise..
          we have to understand
          children need a support system
          that's not paid to put up with them
          or else
          they hide their true selves and project
          the person they people want them to be
          and all the time, inside
          all those issues their incapable of dealing with
          are festering and being warped
          into impossible levels of magnitude
          and the more they eternalise, devoid
          of guidance
          the more their reality is warped
          and life is devoid of worth
          because they blame themselves
          and so
          in this embattled condition
          fantasy gets merged with reality
          and impossible
          becomes, those everyday things
          me and you take for granted
          like a 'hey, how are you'
          from someone that genuinely, knows you
          a hug, with words alone
          delivered at no price...
          these are just a tip of the depthless
          pool of misery
          we have to understand, first
          before we even begin to contemplate
          a sustained solution, turning the images off
          from screens and books, would just be treating the symptoms and not the actual disease itself..
          (if you must, then
          just send me a private message when you post a new write
          and i'll come and read it, if i want
          you don't have to comment on my writing
          just to get me to read your work)

          • 🐤s.zaynab.kamoonpuri🌷🐦😽

            Indeed we can take all the possible causes into account, and eliminate them all, for yes the lack of a father figure close, knit family support system kids are more likely to go off track and be influenced by Tv violence as well as have access to guns. Yet people are saying that it is mostly only in the U.S that school shootings happen so it must be caused there by a problem exclusive to the U.S. So while for instance there are very less of father figures and family support system for many many South, West, and East Africans too yet you don't hear of school shootings among these people. So the difference surely must be the lack of TV onscreen time with movie hero violence for them as many don\\\'t even have TVs or time for movies plus the non availability of guns for citizens as they don't feel the need to own guns for defense or offense.
            Also it is vital for youth to feel a sense of worth like you said and religion helps like the best dope to cope .
            Thanks soo much for great thoughtful comment.

            • 🐤s.zaynab.kamoonpuri🌷🐦😽

              Oh and is it my short term memory forgetfulness but i now recall you or someone else requested me not asking for comments on their page. Its been about 5 months since last time no wonder i forget, sorry for that, hope to remember that from now on.🙅‍♀️

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            • Saxon Crow

              A VERY good point. Cultural society is very much broken and this is just another well written example.

            • Jeannie

              Yes the Telly does contribute to the violence, but also the rap music. The lyrics are just so vulgar. Talking about killing police officers. What they want to do to women. We glorify this disgusting so called music with awards for best song of the year and look as these so called artist heroes. Scary as too our world has become.

              • 🐤s.zaynab.kamoonpuri🌷🐦😽

                Oh woah i did suspect music rap but you confirmed it , i can easily glean from the songs much wild ruthless reckless wrongful inspirations and influences. Songs with rhetoric and instigations sure can cause dangerous harmful revolutions and hate crime reactions.
                Warmest thanks for your great intelligent assessment of the situation.

              • Vaughn Walker

                Very sad how frequent the shootings and violent acts are happening lately. I do think less TV and social media is a good thing for children. It’s good for them to unplug from the virtual and explore the beautiful world around them.

                However, I don’t know that TV and social media are the cause. They may influence, but they don’t cause the crimes, the violence etc. Nor would banning them (guns) make people suddenly not be able to attain them (only slightly more difficult) If people want to do something bad enough they will find a way to do it.

                It’s a burden upon the ones that raise you to give you the best shot at living a fulfilling life. Everyone’s family life growing up is different. Where you were born, your social economic status (things you were born into) education, all play a part into the person you will become. Most of all your upbringing in my opinion, is learned from your parents and social interaction (your peers). Which is another huge part of how kids learn. Of course, there are outliers in any case, but take a teenager (as an example). This kid wasn’t socialized well as a child, went to school and was bullied everyday. The parents paid no attention to them and didnt care to, and there was an abusive home life. It’s no wonder these things are happening. It’s sad to see so much hate and violence, and makes me hate the human race sometimes. I agree something should be done, but I don’t know the answer. Maybe, more troubled people should learn to write poetry. It’s helped me immensely. This community on PoeticSide has some of the loveliest people I have come across online, and we need more of that.

                Thank you for sharing this poem. I love the message. 🖤🖤🖤

                • 🐤s.zaynab.kamoonpuri🌷🐦😽

                  Yeah i do agree that there are other causes and all and any should be changed to effect changes. You seem to blame the parents upbringing, yes, and socio economic status and bullies. Yet remember there are many countries with people of lower socio economic status, bullies in schools yet they don't have school shootings. So we need to see the problems that are exclusive to Americans to find and eliminate causes of their school shootings.
                  Thanks soo much for adding to my poems with your invaluable thoughts.

                • Bella Shepard

                  While there are a myriad of forces working against our children in the world today, I can speak somewhat to the gun violence in my own country, the USA. We have a gun lobby, specifically the National Rifle Association, that lobbies our congress to protect gun rights. In other words they are making a lot of money off of gun sales and want to keep things just as they are. The numbers of mass shootings we have each year is unprecedented, and yet each time they preach the same old gospel of more guns for everyone's protection. The majority of the American people want reasonable gun legislation, however the gun manufacturers and NRA lobby our congress, donate huge sums of money, and have enough politicians in their pocket to keep any form of reasonable gun legislation from ever happening. Ulvade is the most recent heartbreaking, devastating, unconscionable, act of violence committed against children, and yet it still isn't enough to bring about change. Pray for us, for the people seem to have less and less voice as time goes on. I applaud your courage in tackling this difficult subject, and starting a conversation. If we don't talk, nothing happens.

                  • 🐤s.zaynab.kamoonpuri🌷🐦😽

                    Indeed our prayers are with you all and may all necessary measures be taken to prevent such heartbreaking tragedies.
                    Warmest thanks for your concerned thoughtful comment and disapproval of gun ownership freedoms. Take care,

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