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The wall of Raven3332

  • Justa_Geezer

    What is your name on allpoetry.com then Raven ? My email if you would like to correspond is davidjpenrose@tiscali.co.uk

      • Raven333

        I am moonbaby805... my email is moonbaby805@gmail.com

        • Justa_Geezer

          Wow, I can really assimilate with this poem of yours... Very Lonely

          You know,
          I sit here all day
          I sit here all night,
          I sit here by myself
          Sometimes I wish,
          I had someone
          To which I could,
          The loneliness,
          Overwhelms me
          I start to talk,
          To myself.
          I know it's starting
          To affect my health.
          People say,
          ' Hey just call me'
          But I know
          That's not true.
          These people don't want,
          To be bothered
          Am so tired,
          Of feeling blue.
          I fight the tears
          When I feel them,
          I get used to
          Cuddling with myself.
          My life has gotten
          So bad,
          I know I should
          Just hang it all,
          Up on a shelf.
          How come you don't put your others on here, you are a real wordsmith ! Dave.

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        • Justa_Geezer

          What's happened to our Raven,
          Did she go away on holiday,
          Did she run to some safe haven,
          She's been missing many a day.

          Did cupid come and ring that bell,
          Did she meet that nice old friend,
          Did things for them turn out well,
          Hope she's found a happy end !'

            • Raven333

              Oh my dear friend, I am crying trying to write.. means so much. sorry I haven't been around but don't want to bore you with details so just say I have been extremely sad and an emotional wreck for the last 3 weeks but I have finally pulled myself up and to see this makes me feel I have worth... I thank you deeply for thinking of me but promise I will and am returning... means alot, almost there my friend..

              • Justa_Geezer

                I am so pleased to be hearing from you Raven, just to know you are still about. In times like you have just been through, just pop on here and make a comment, so we all know you are still with us ! As to worth, you have that in abundance my friend ! " X " Mwa.

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