Still Looking for Love.


 I cry for the love that I never found.
 And the passions that I never knew, 
 I yearn for that love to seek me out,
 Some day from way out of the blue. 

 I know that real love don't come easy,
 Or that passion is not guaranteed,
 But in the pit of my stomach, its queasy,
 For the lover that I really need.

 All my life I just feel I've been cheated,
 Not experienced the love I wished for,
 But my poor bleeding heart's now in need, 
 And life's sparkles's begun to recede. 

 Knowing romance is lovely yet painful,
 And as we get older and frailer we learn, 
 As we seek out that particular someone, 
 Leaving all of our bridges to burn.
 Yes, we simply give up on those passions,
 Because that's not important no more,
 So we just settle for something platonic,
 'Coz our sex life's walked straight out the door.
 Oh, I do hope that someone will find me, 
 And give me new hope and belief.
 Yes, I long for that someone who'll love me. 
 But I pray they have hair and good teeth !

  • Author: Justa_Geezer (Offline Offline)
  • Published: June 29th, 2022 13:47
  • Category: Love
  • Views: 14


  • Raven333

    Really liked your poem, I think most people are looking for love but I do have to say made me laugh at that last line with the hair and teeth.. nice flow

  • Justa_Geezer

    Thank-you for your comment, This was written for a friend of mine who gave me the first line in a conversation with her. I said to her that it would make for the start of a poem, and we should both try to write one ! At the end of our chat I started writing it, using her comments as a basis for the poem, so I just adapted the comments she had made while writing it, apart from the last line which I added to make her smile ! She never wrote one herself, but she told me that it made her cry. Which then led to an apology poem to her ! (Which I have just posted )

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