True Treasure


Tune: Aberystwyth

('Jesu, lover of my soul')

Luke 12 v.16-21


Ground of a rich man brought forth

Plenty produce, gave its worth

He did say, What shall I do

All this before me I view

I have no room where to store

My crops, I have even more

He did think only of self

He not sharing of his wealth


He said, This will I do, I

Will pull down barns by and by

And will build greater ones, so

There all my fruits, crops bestow

And i will say to my soul

Soul, you now satisfied, whole

Goods laid up for many years

Of lacking I have no fears


Take it easy, eat and drink

Of poor, needy do not think

Be merry, do what you will

Your goods protect you from ill

But God said to him, You fool

This night required be your soul

Of you, then whose shall these things

Be, which you false comfort brings?


So are they that lay up store

Treasure for self, more and more

And are not unto God rich

But rely on their goods, which

They keep and store to provide

For themselves, in good confide

Lord, may our true treasure be

In you now, eternally


  • Author: orchidee (Offline Offline)
  • Published: July 9th, 2022 01:53
  • Comment from author about the poem: A hymn-poem in format.
  • Category: Spiritual
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  • Neville

    This indeed, is very you Mr. O 🙂

    • orchidee

      You mean, it's me building bigger barns, thinking of no one but self?! Yep, that's me! lol. Just call me Ken - as in Dodd. He could not take it with him!
      There's times for taking it easy, putting our feet up though, maybe outside of the context of gaining earthly riches.

      • orchidee

        And - oooh, he gonna pull them barns downs and build bigger ones. That will be more work for him. Doh!

      • JudyStella

        I like the example used and the good message behind it! Nice poem orchi!

        • orchidee

          Thanks Judy. You got any barns?! heehee.

          • JudyStella

            Oh no ,not me😂

          • Dove

            Well I could buy the finest cheeses, but what good is cheese without a refrigerator
            Can’t eat it all up, that would be gluttony, what is my true treasure is ? I must I share it
            lol sorry just trying to give an analogy, cause I haven’t seen a barn…

            • orchidee

              Thanks Dove. lol. Got any mice to share your cheeses with?!

            • Bella Shepard

              I've been away for a while and have missed your lovely lines. This one is a gem. What is life without giving, without sharing?

              • orchidee

                Thanks Bella.
                Oooh yes, more blessed to give than to receive. Send all your donations my way! heehee. Erm, I not quite understood this properly. lol.
                But it's bad in the sense that evangelists and preachers want money, but have enough money already.

              • Goldfinch60

                Good one Orchi and good words.

                • orchidee

                  Thanks Gold. Awww, why they say? - 'my treasure is my ear plugs!' lol.

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