US !


US !

We've shared each others high's and lows
And grown together through this year
So I took time out, stepping back to look
Just to see the picture clear

I've examined all we've talked about
Each word, each deed, each token
I've analysed each part of us
Even thoughts left said, unspoken

I came to this conclusion though
By examining each part
The major fact established.... is
We overwhelm each others heart

Its so difficult to put in words
What our hearts and souls both feel
Just how wonderfully alive we are
Because our mutual love's so real

I've told you many times before
Just as you've expressed to me
That we two should be together now
How we both want that to be

With your heart and mind in turmoil
Where the pressure seems unending
I apologise to you darling
For the added strife I'm sending

I can't walk away from what we have
For each other we're so right
I'll not give up on us my love
Let alone without a fight

I told you that I'd do anything
To smooth the way ahead
So i did just what I said I'd do
Just before I went to bed

I spoke to Shay, asked her to help
And yes, I prayed to God
To help resolve the problems caused
By this atheistic clod

I hope your God will listen
And that Shay will bend his ear
That he comes through, and gives to you
The words you need to hear

I wish that he would heed your plight
Hope this God of yours is kind
That this Lord of love is listening
And leaves you with peace of mind

I hope you'll reach some compromise
That suits all whose life you share
Whatever happens sweetheart, though
Please know I'll still be there

My love for you won't falter
It will stay true till life ends
Whatever else life throws at us
We'll forever be best friends !

  • Author: Justa_Geezer (Offline Offline)
  • Published: July 10th, 2022 04:46
  • Category: Love
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  • Raven333

    What a sweet but yet sad poem, I enjoyed it. Nicely written and a great flow.

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