Questioning Religion ?


As a total non believer
I've often wondered why
There's so many damn religions
Why on earth do they decry
Their different God's held dearly
Each sect, all faiths, and creeds
Why can't they just be tolerant
Of all religious needs ?

Each and every religion, 
Has one belief the same
They all agree there's one true God
All that's different is his name
Your God's name is irrelevant
Their prophets name is  too
So why then should it matter
If your a Muslem or a Jew ?

Whilst  worshiping your God's, 
Please listen what they preach
Consider their diversities
And the values they all teach
Maybe each religion is
A different plain of learning
For religious understanding
Is both tolerant and discerning !

So, given each religion,
Is another stepping stone
When you understand more fully
The teachings of your own
You'll understand another's more
Perhaps of different creed's
Could it be that just one church
Can't meet everybody's need's ?

If you carry on this concept, 
Then take a moral stand
Get insight to another's God
With other views to hand
There would maybe be no conflicts
If we understood each other
There need not be hostility
To your fellow man and brother !

Just to end this thinking process, 
And much to your relief
I'll ask, if your religion
Air's your  values and belief's
Thus given all those differences
Ethnic..colour..status..... clan
Is there really any wonder why
There's little give and take in man ?

  • Author: Justa_Geezer (Offline Offline)
  • Published: July 14th, 2022 02:03
  • Comment from author about the poem: This was written soon after 9_11, when there was so much hatred of all moslems being so apparent, not just the terrorists !
  • Category: Spiritual
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  • Raven333

    I really liked this one, I have to say that I totally agree. Your flow on this poem was AWESOME..

    • Justa_Geezer

      Well thank-you kindly madam poet !

      • Raven333

        Your so welcome my friend

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