My father’s twin.


I am what I am,I am truly my father’s



I didn’t  speak often of him for many years

I called him Wayne,because it was far


less painful  to just say his first name. I


tried to distance myself from the only


person who ever loved me or cared. I ran  


and I ran,until I couldn’t run anymore.


After what happened to me at sixteen,I

knew I had to face it,I was tired of


wondering and I had a deep desire to


finally know this man. The man who


wanted a daughter,a child to call his own.


He even had my name picked out since


he was a little boy,he named me after his


beloved grandma.My father died when I


was less than ten months old,and he had


just turned twenty-seven years old. I have


no memories of him,it almost makes me


feel cold. I cannot describe it,unless


you’ve felt it on your own.It’s funny


because when you lose a parent you


often wonder about the life you could’ve


had with them.I wonder what it would be


like to see his eyes,the same exact eyes


as mine.Just think I could finally see the


person who has the same mannerisms as

me,I could finally feel complete. Those are just


dreams though and all I have left is a


stack of photos and two videos. I can say


though I am what I am,I am my father’s


twin. I’m proud of it,because I know he


was a kind,loving,fun and generous man.

  • Author: Matt Angel (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: July 22nd, 2022 02:49
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  • L. B. Mek

    so happy for you!
    I laud
    how you've woven strength
    out of crippling circumstance..
    what a hard choice
    that must have been..
    and what an exemplary
    utility of healing
    you've showcased our beloved
    to be!
    (stay Strong!
    and thank you for intrusting us
    with such intimate, thoughts
    dear Poet)

    • madalynsamantha

      Thank you for such kind words,it means a lot.❤️

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