the love years

dusk arising

when the day is nearly done
and the darkening sky is telling me
there's a thunder storm coming
like oh so many years ago
when my arms were full of you
caught out in a rain storm
just like the dried out desert sand
you soaked right into me
soaking into you

where do the days go
those days of love and evermore
romance walking on the shore
as the waves of time ever wash away
where does the love go

into a stowaway compartment
hidden beneath my bed
locked up in my head
and here in my heart's words
now seldom left unsaid

i miss the love years


  • Goldfinch60

    Those 'love years' may be in the past d a but they will never be forgotten.


    • dusk arising

      Hands off! Theyre mine, leave 'em alone.

      Thanks Goldfinch.

    • Neville

      I felt every single bloomin well placed word sir ..

      Not only can I relate, but am sure many others who follow me here shall also ...

      I guess that's poetry and life for ya ............. Neville

      • dusk arising

        Thanks Neville... "many"?... it's never been my fortune to attract the many's of this world... still, who's complaining, at least i dont get mobbed on t' igh street.

      • Fay Slimm.

        So sadly emotive these lines today Dusk - - time marches on with our hearts soaked in memories.
        The missing can be riddled with much introspection when life takes those love-days away. A sigh of a read.

        • dusk arising

          Right from the heart this one came. "Could it be that life was of so simple then?"... well yes it was and the future held such ease of promise.

        • Saxon Crow

          Dusk, this is beautiful. I love the emotion. Faves definitely.

          • dusk arising

            Thanks Saxon. This one definitely came from the heart.

          • sorenbarrett

            This was very well written and more yet reached to the heart. It was nice to read.

            • dusk arising

              I was deliberately careless about flow choosing instead to paint pictures. This came straight from the heart and was all over in two minutes. I'm pleased with it and somehow it proves the point that the good ones just write themselves without a deal of effort, as if the words are all there just waiting to be said.

            • tallisman

              Oh wow! Dusk, this really grabbed me…

              • dusk arising

                To be honest it grabbed me whilst writing it. It was like a natural outpouring. Thank you Tallisman, I appreciate your comments respected poet.

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