Two Whales !


Two whales swimming around in the ocean,
One male, and a female one too,
They were enjoying themselves doing nothing,
Because there wasn't much else there to do.

When suddenly the male whale stopped sharply, 
He called to the female and said,
"I think I just spotted a whale ship"
"Look there, on the horizon ahead."

She too stopped looked and listened,
They both looked ahead with great care,
They confirmed yes indeed its a whale ship,
An adventure was planned for this pair.

The male said to his female companion,
"Let's go over there, have some fun."
So, together they set off towards it,
Their journey at last was begun.

About two thirds of their journey towards it,
The male whale said " Hey, Lets see what can be done,
Coz I think thats the very same whale ship,
That murderded and then butchered my mum.

As this pair got much closer towards it, 
The male confirmed his suspicions and said,
"Ive a plan, we can both take revenge here,
For our kinfolk who they've rendered dead."

"If we both swim together below them,
Use our spouts underneath them and blow,
With the force of two spouts from below them,
In the air this old whaler will go."

The female agreed to these tactic's,
They dived, directly below them they went, 
Then in unison they both opened their spouts full,
And in the air, high, the whaler was sent.

As the whaler rose higher and higher, 
Those two whales shut of their spouts in a flash,
They dived, swam away from the area,
As that whaler came down with a crash.

When the whale ship hit down on hard water,
As it landed, smashed apart was that boat,
The crew , mate and captain left struggling,
Grabbing to anything there that would float.

As those two whales then observed from a distance,
She said to him "you happy, got rid of your pain ?"
He said "Not really, no, I've been thinking,
If they're rescued, they'll come back again."

I think that we have to finish them off now,
If we both swim round mouth's open and gulp,
Then no more can they crew up a whale ship,
And their bodies we'll turn into pulp

She said "you've got to be bloody joking,
No chance, bugger off, go to hell,
I know I agreed to the blow job,
But I'm not swallowing the seamen as well "

  • Author: Justa_Geezer (Offline Offline)
  • Published: July 27th, 2022 07:46
  • Category: Humor
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  • Doggerel Dave

    Good job you labelled it humour, otherwise I'd have asked for me money back about half way through...

    Great fun.

  • Raven333

    OMG!!! I loved it, mostly the ending of course.. Have you ever thought about writing short stories? you would be good at that..

  • Justa_Geezer

    I just wrote that round an old joke I remembered, and I like jokes that draw you in and have a great punchline at the end, and that one is disguised by the spelling as well ! Shortest story / joke I ever heard is....Boy scout's....Girl guides !

  • tallisman

    Really funny, well done! Still laughing!

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