freight train

dusk arising



i sat beside the railroad
that great old western track
and cried my tears
for the freight train passing
to the sound of an old smokestack


       freight train take me
       away along your track
       take me someplace where
       i just don't care
       but dont ya ever bring me back


i see your vacant trucks
laid bare and empty
clear through all the steam
and your box cars overloaded
with this broken hearted dream  


       freight train take me
       away along your track
       take me someplace where
       i just don't care
       so I ain't never coming back

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  • arqios

    The call of travel and the splendid feel of a proper journey. When that is taken away there is no other such desolation. Thanks for sharing.

  • sorenbarrett

    dusk this struck deep into some old memories of childhood when I and my cousin used to go down to the train yard and hop freight trains. Latter in South America I would ride old steam locomotives. Sometimes you wish you could go back. A great metaphor

    • dusk arising

      I'm a Brit and a lover of railways for as long as I can remember which goes way back into the days of steam power. So many memories. Looks like you are bitten with the same bug.

    • RL Randall

      In the hope of finding a better place I long to be on the passing train. This was a good read.

      • dusk arising

        There is something about a passing train which tempts one to romance with thoughts of where it's going, who is on board and why? I'm lucky to be fairly close to a preserved railway here in UK (the severn valley railway) so i get to feed my need occasionally. Thanks RLR

      • Neville

        what a bluesy little number this turned out to be .. and my word sir, I seriously enjoyed the ride .. Neville

        • dusk arising

          Though i have been a lover of the railways for as far back as i can recall, I have never before written a piece to include them. So this is a first. Thanks Neville.

        • Jerry Reynolds

          Wow, Dusk that is one good song.

          • dusk arising

            I pictured myself sat by the track with an old GWR Prairie loco tugging along a small freight train and the romance of the scene produced the lyrics. Thanks Jerry, I bet youve seen some great trains.

            • Jerry Reynolds

              Yes, I have. My uncle was a fireman and one night they let me drive an engine in the yard to get water. I loved it.

            • Goldfinch60

              That train will always take you to the places you most want to be d a.


            • Osei Zion

              Great poem

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