I met a woman, a friend so true.
I fell in love, and she did too,
We grew together, and all could see,
That she and I, were meant to be.

We'd met online, as some folk still do,
Talking there, for days, long months through,
Time passed so quickly, and we planned that she,
Would fly over to Blighty, and visit me.

That great day arrived, and when we met, we both surely knew,
We had made the right decision, our love was set fair and true,
It was like she'd come home from vacation, and we'd just rekindled,
Been apart quite a short time, had our meet and greet, then tingled,

She looked at me and I looked at her, I just could not resist her
I got her settled comfy in my car, stopped briefly at my sisters,
Then later we set off for home, all the way I held her tiny hand,
I couldn't wait to get her home, our future life seemed planned.

We arrived home a few hours later, and I was feeling rough that night,
She was also very tired as well, she'd had a long long flight,
I woke up feeling even worse, Id got some sort of nasty fever,
My love was fine, and to her own devices, I did leave her.

She tended me some three days, until one morning I awoke, 
To find I felt much better, and it seems my fever'd broke,
She'd looked after me so well those days,and my daughter too
We got to know each other inwardly, confirmed our love was true.

We all went to The Tower of London, she was in her element, 
She loved her British history, so much pleasure this trip meant,
Then later to St. Pauls we went, so much in awe she felt,
Especially when she turned round, and on one knee I'd knelt.

I asked her there in God's front room, if she would be my wife. 
In sickness and in health, would she willingly share my life.
We found a ring locally, a diamond set in Black Hills gold,
She said it was an omen, our destinies had been fortold.

She stayed here with me for a good six weeks,
During which time we had some troughs and peaks,
We had both bonded together like epoxy glue,
Our relationship had proven that our love was true.

Then back to Minnesotta she then travelled,
Her life and problems there to get unravelled,
But things there didn't go as we'd expected,
Her twelve year old daughter coming here, was rejected.

She stayed on there while hopeful that quite soon she's find,
That her twelve year old daughter, may have changed her mind,
We then talked online with each other for several more years,
Through some very deep depressions, and many many tears.

Then one day to our horror after almost twenty years,
Came the sombre news that would bring us both to tears,
Her thyroid cancer had suddenly returned to blight,
This love of our must go on hold so she could fight.

Into hospital as an emergency she then had to go,
Would she beat this once again, we surely hoped so,
After months of care and treatments, we heard that she,
Had got the all clear, thanks to chemo, and radio therapy.

She'd just beaten the cancer, when pneumonia arrived to greet her,
It debilitated her so much, she just got weaker and weaker,
Then for several months then, she was supported by machines,
They kept my love alive, along with both our dreams.

Almpst a year then has passed, and not a word could we share,
Her adopted daughter Becky , thankfully kept me fully aware,
Then one memorable afternoon last year in late September,
Came  a telephone call from her that I will always remember,

I got a message from her Becky, that she was very sorry to say,
That Mum had had enough, and wanted switching off next day, 
She'd told her life was futile, couldn't move , couldn't speak,
And that never ever in her life had she ever felt so weak.

She told Becky she refused to go on living like this day by day,
And that by switching off the incubator was the kindest way,
Becky said she'd phone me from the hospital, when the time was nigh,
So I could  kiss my love remotely, give her my love, say my final goodbye.

Becky phoned, held her phone close to  Mum, so that my love could hear,
Me, give her my love and blessing, my goodbyes through sobs and tears,
She held that phone to her mums ear, until her very final breath,
When she expired, I realised, we'd both been cheated by her death !

  • Author: Justa_Geezer (Offline Offline)
  • Published: August 2nd, 2022 03:39
  • Comment from author about the poem: The start to end of a beautiful, and long, unfulfilled relationship !
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  • tallisman

    What a tragic story, so sad…

  • Justa_Geezer

    Indeed it was !

  • Raven333

    Really touching poem, great write!! even though so sad..

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