Sea of dreams

Sea of dreams


Crashing of breakers against the rocks

As the waves roll in from the sea

Sitting alone in the shadow of the docks

He watches in quiet reverie


In the distance the haunting sound

Of a foghorn pierces the night

Like the agony of the souls of the drowned

Trying to get back to the light


He shivers lightly at that thought

Wonders where he goes from here

He’s in the path of lifes juggernaut

But frozen in its headlights of fear


He was broken by stress and ambition

From which he had eventually run

In his quest to improve his position

Like Icarus he flew to close to the sun


So when all that stress came to nought

In a way he couldn’t foresee

He found that now he’s literally caught

Between the devil and the deep blue sea


His old life is now just a place in the past

And as the seagulls cry in  a new day

He knows what he had can be surpassed

He just has to find his new way


His world, like the sea before him

Is full of opportunities to try

In the sea of dreams you learn to swim

In this world, your dreams can fly


He now knows it’s not about gaining things

Life should also be fun

He will fly again and spread his wings

But keep well away from the sun




  • Author: Tallisman (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: August 5th, 2022 00:10
  • Comment from author about the poem: It seems a while since I actually got my figurative pen out! I hope it’s ok ! You all have a great day!
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  • L. B. Mek

    it level of detail makes this such a vivid read
    (Daedalus, can finally find peace
    reading this)..
    thanks for sharing, dear poet
    such a lovely write

    • tallisman

      Thanks LB, appreciated!

      • tallisman

        Daedalus can put his mind ar rest
        Knowing that he did his best
        As Icarus crashed into the sea below
        Daedalus muttered “I told him so “!

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      • shamrocker ☘️❤️☘️

        A beautiful analogy of life! At least in my opinion! Love it!! Great write Tallisman!!

        • tallisman

          Your opinion matters! Thanks for giving it. Stay well!

        • Paul Bell

          Great moral in this poem.
          The strife of life, and when we actually realise, life is always the winner

        • Raven333

          I thought it was another great write by you.. just because no feedback don't let it get you down my friend..

          • tallisman

            Thanks Raven, I guess I am coming across as insecure and seeking validation! Many of my mps friends have disappeared (probably on holidays!) and I’m like where is everybody!

            • Raven333

              LOL, I feel you.. am alone a lot and it sucks!!

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