My Best Mate's Sister !



I was asked if I would be Best man,
At my best mate's forthcoming wedding,
To his future wife, a lovely lass,
Who I always wished, I'd be bedding.

I must tell you though I never would,
I'd would not betray his trust,
Even though his future wife is gorgeous,
And has a fantasticly ample bust.

The month before the wedding. the whole family went away,
Apart from his younger sister, who was then just twenty one, 
For year's I'd watched her grow into a little beauty,
A voluptuous young woman, who'd always tease me just for fun.

His sister, is a temptress, In short skin tight mini skirts,
With a lovely window box,  and no, she never ever wears a bra, 
At home she'd sit right opposite me, showing off her asset's,
She'd sit there winking at me, her knee's spread apart too far.
In the past  I knew she fancied me, she's said a time or two,
But that was a few years ago when she was a little younger,
She'd told me she would love to get it on with me,
Apparently, it seem's that for my for my body she did hunger.

Well, about a week into my best mates holiday,
His sister phoned and said, she couldn't overcome,
Some big problem's with all the stationary,
Something that the printers should have done.

I went round there straight after work that evening,
To see my mates sister, and to help her sort out,
This problem with all the stationary,
Between us we should overcome, whatever was in doubt.

When I got there, I was shocked to find, that it was all a ruse,
She bluntly stood and told me this, while fondling her bust,
I was stunned, in shock and awe, and I wonered what to do,
She was using this opportunity,to fulfill her long held lust.

Well, I was shaken rigid, and in no way did I expect,
My best mates little sister, coming on to me this way,
I didn't have much time to think would I say yes or no,
But I realized that if it was yes, safe sex comes into play.

She said I'm going to my bedroom now, so, will you follow me,
I want us to get passionate, make love, and so much more,
I was so stunned to hear this, for a moment  I just froze, 
Suddenly my head cleared, I made a beeline for her front door.

Her front door flung wide open, as I rushed headlong to my car,
Behold my best mate and clan, were all stood there smiling joyfully.
His dad said well done Sunshine, you've passed our Best Man test,
And because you've passed with flying colours, welcome to the family!

So, the moral of this story, I suppose you'd love to know,
Unless you've already guessed it, by reading on thus far,
Is, no matter whether you have good or bad intentions,
Keep your condoms stored safe, and securely in your car !

  • Author: Justa_Geezer (Offline Offline)
  • Published: August 8th, 2022 19:11
  • Comment from author about the poem: I wrote this one for a contest on, only to find that it was a 9 line poem required, my fault for not looking more closely than the subject matter !
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  • Goldfinch60

    Thank you JG for my first laugh of the day, wonderful words leading to that hysterical last line.


  • tallisman

    Really funny! Enjoyed this!

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