Versions of me: The girl who (p7)

a thousand wishes

Avoiding eye contact  

to keep my heart intact 

Hoping that I don’t break  

Trying to get myself together 

so let's collect facts 


I'm self-conscious  

And filled with self-doubt 

People say I've changed 

And I can't deny that  


I'm a sight for sore eyes if those eyes Were shut 

And I know that I've run out of my luck 


Can I get a... four-leaf clover? 

A rabbit's foot? 

A horseshoe maybe? 

Anything that might save me 

My social anxiety is driving me crazy 


The fact is that my heart is magic  

Scattered like glass but loves like  

Nothing happened 


I know who I am 

I'm the girl too shy to say excuse me 

But you'd never know 

I'm the girl who doesn't speak up 

When she's accidentally excluded 

When people forget 

I'm the girl, who feels safe when she's invisible 

I'm the girl that twitches when she's trying to sit still 

She paralyzes herself, so she can't bother anyone else 


I'm the girl that people judge by her cover 

I'm the girl that hides under her covers 

I'm the girl, I'm that girl... 

  • Author: a thousand wishes (Offline Offline)
  • Published: August 10th, 2022 15:14
  • Comment from author about the poem: Sorry guys I got locked out of my account AGAIN :P hope everyone is doing okay
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  • L. B. Mek

    this is such a depressing read
    mainly, because I assume
    so many , can relate - intimately
    with the hopelessness
    and craving for affirmation
    of worth
    in these, most harrowing of words
    you've shared, dear Poet
    just so, heartbreakingly sad
    the hurt
    we inflict, upon each other
    generation, after wasted

  • cherm

    Hi ATW. Well said, well written.

  • EmotionsOnwhitepaper

    You see, you might think that i am just saying it but if you remove i am that girl to i am that boy, it nearly same for me. Avoiding eye contact, doing things to not break my heart, self conscious, inferiority, self doubt, dont like being the centre of attention, wants to be invisible, i am sad deep inside but still acts like nothing happened or i m the type who forgets his pain when with others so that they won't find me annoying or running away from questions, etc.... And so on

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