My Beloved Ziggy

There’s a hole In my heart

that won’t ever mend 

There are tears I’ve yet to cry 

My soul is heavy , and all I do

is sigh….


I searched for you in the 

morning , walking down the streets calling your name…


I peered through my window,

Hoping you would walk on by


Then , I caught glimpse of

but you were laying so still 

and I walked to where you 

were laying.. 


You were warm to the 

touch, maybe it was the blazing

sun on your skin but when

I turned you over, I  was shocked


There was blood in your mouth and nose

and you didn’t even get to close your eyes


I wish I had found you sooner, my dear Ziggy   I petted you

and asked you if you  were ok, I hope you heard me from heaven.
 I lifted you up in my arms and carried you home in shock.


My heart  is broken and sadness creeps in

my veins… I still  see your image in my head..

all the memories you left. 


I know, I can’t bring you back, but I hope you

know… That I will always miss you Ziggy.


I love you Ziggy.. We all love you




  • Author: Dove (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: August 16th, 2022 13:43
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  • Fewer_true_words

    Almost all know this feeling and it never fades, R.I.P Ziggy.

    • Dove

      Thanks, much appreciated… it’s definitely a universal feeling losing a pet.

    • orchidee

      Ohh, it's too sad.
      Don't feel you let Ziggy down if you get a 'replacement' cat - maybe in time.

      • Dove

        Thanks a bunch for your suggestion. I do have other felines, and they do help. Ziggy had just been nurtured and vaccinated.. Was hoping to calm his wild side. But, he got out. And sadly wasn’t aware of traffic. Probably ran away from someone trying to catch him, or walking a dog. Thanks again

      • Fay Slimm.

        Such a sad loss for you Dove - - the shock alone must be taking its toll ---- - love hurts the more when there was no goodbye but know that Ziggy will always live on in your heart

        • Dove

          Thanks Fay, yes it was hard that he died so tragically. But, at least I know . Sometimes pet parents never find their pets. Daughter wrote on the box, and burnt sage to send his soul to a good place. So I was glad I carried his dead body home. Of course , I couldn’t leave him out there .

        • Goldfinch60

          Such sad words Dove but remember the good times as many of us do about our passed loved ones.


          • Dove

            Thanks Andy, I will try to remember the good times. But even those moments sting. Much appreciated

          • Neville

            I am so sorry to learn of your sad loss my friend ................................ x

            • Dove

              Thanks my friend, I appreciate your words.. Best to u

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