Strangers/Lost In Space And Underground


We've been friends for a year now

But suddenly it feels like we're meeting each other for the very first time


The everyday in-depth conversations

The exciting and bonding video chats

The fun and exciting phone calls

Are now non-existent


They have been replaced with a one day a week check in

Which consists of lots of small talk and no depth, sincerity, or passion


Why does everything have to be so diluted and watered down?

The bond we used to have was so strong, energetic, and unbreakable

But now that bond is weak, lethargic, and crumbling apart


We're tearing apart at the seams, and I don't know how to sew us back together


Why do we have to only scratch the surface when we've been digging deep and uncovering all the beauty that lies within our relationship?

The layers and walls have been peeled away and knocked down, and we had built a sturdy foundation; why do we need to fill all the cracks and shovel all the dirt over what's been uncovered?


I know our friendship is going through changes, but it's all for the best

You and I both know that


But my heart is breaking

And my soul is shattering


I can feel you pulling away

I can feel the intense distance between us

It's like I'm the Sun and you're Neptune

My heart is warm, radiating love, compassion, and understanding

While your heart is cold, blasting out anger, betrayal, and abandonment


We're on completely different planets

And I'm afraid, so very afraid

I feel like I'm losing you

Am I losing you?

Why are you treating me like you barely know me?


No, even worse; like you don't trust me 

But I'll admit, at times I've felt bitter and cold too, but my heart still knows you

My heart still trusts you

Even though I'm feeling your icy breeze and the cold on my shoulder, my heart still warms up inside;

When I picture your cute, goofy grin

When I build with the Legos you bought me

When I hear a song that reminds me of you

When I remember all the encouragement and support you've breathed into my life


That's how I know you are still trustworthy

That's how I know you aren't completely frozen inside

You're just slushy

Your trust in me currently is sludgy

So please, let me help solidify and warm your heart so it can heal from the wounds I've unintentionally opened up and build trust with you again


I'm disappointed and confused, honestly

Because when I said I needed space, I didn't mean I wanted you to move out of our harmonious orbit

I simply meant I need some time in the Milky Way so I can figure out my way

What ever happened to friendship planet?


I think it must be have crashed landed into the darkness of the Black Hole and can't find a way out, back into the light of the Sun


-Devorah F. Pleva


  • Author: Devorah (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: August 16th, 2022 18:47
  • Category: Friendship
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