Katherine Pearls

my love

I would throw everything away just for your kiss
my dearest, my lover,
my freedom, my peace
I would sell my poor soul just for your touch
but my soul is too little
and your touch is too much
I would kneel by your bed and never stand up
until you'd tell me to go
put your finger on my map
I would hold your hand till my time is done
because since I've met you
I can't stand to be alone

lover forgive me for all of my sins
please dear release me
you know how it feels
to be never able to inhale enough air
when life becomes something you hardly can bear


  • Hollow Enigma

    Great read. Sad read but impressively vulnerable and descriptive. Welcome to My poetic side can't wait to read more!

  • divinetothe9

    "Lover forgive me for all my sins"
    Praying for the forgiveness of the one you love my dear.

  • Paul Bell

    I'm thinking you like this guy then.
    I could be wrong though, it maybe something higher.

  • darknessandlight

    This is amazing. I can tangibly feel your longing and want. Your sorrow and desire

  • Rocky Lagou

    Love this poem Katherine. You really expressed your emotions so profoundly and I think this is something that many of us can relate to. Sometimes we become latched on to a lover so excessively to the point where it feels like we can't even breathe without them.

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