A little girl

a thousand wishes

My hands are still shaking from the panic attack

my ears are still ringing from the shame

I'm still wincing from the pain

beating on the walls, the voices in my brain

trying to calm me down but Im standing out in the rain


and it hurts to know

that I'm on the cusp of letting go

it hurts to know

that the words never really flow


and my heart wants to up and leave me alone

my heart wants a new home

My brain wants someone who will listen

and my soul just wants someone better


When they leave

all that remains 

is a lifeless body

that can never be saved


My biggest fear consists of smaller ones

a million little doubts, together as one

A daunting and ridiculously naive,

a little girl that looks like me and shes crying


Staring into space, but look there's her mom and she's sighing

"Why can't you be normal?" "Why can't you be great?"

leading her to think that she should change


a little girl that's been alone

no one is coming  to save her

a little girl that's on her own 

but surrounded by people that claim to love her


This little girl, sad and isolated

deprived of satisfaction, but never violent


A little girl that seems to be evil's personal target 

A little girl, that graduates next year but still feels 5 years old

A young woman, A young adult, that feels like a little girl


  • Author: a thousand wishes (Offline Offline)
  • Published: September 19th, 2022 12:10
  • Category: Unclassified
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  • EmotionsOnwhitepaper

    These lines hits very hard when you have experienced it specially.

  • skpearl

    Metaphors and rhythm changes in your poem are impressive. You managed to make the words feel like they are surrounding the reader, especially when its someone who have similar experience. I really like this part:

    "a little girl that's been alone/no one is coming to save her/a little girl that's on her own /but surrounded by people that claim to love her"

    Magnificent and strong lines, smartly used.

    • a thousand wishes

      I'm glad you liked it and that you enjoyed reading it . It was really hard to capture my feelings and write them down for me.

      • skpearl

        I'm sure, I feel the same every time I decide to write something more personal, but you should be proud of yourself because you did great.

      • Esteven

        Strong emotions well expressed, it was touching I felt your pain plus I enjoyed the flow

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