This is not a criticism of free verse or other non rhyming poetry! It’s intended to be a humorous reference to the reduced popularity of rhyming… and I will probably get pilloried for saying that!

its intended as a (poor)  joke!



I’ve just called in to say goodbye

I’m discouraged, but not sure why

It’s hard being a poet who likes to rhyme

In a world where free verse is in its prime

I’m just an old fashioned poet facing defeat

In a world where rhyming has become obsolete


So I lay down my mouse and switch off the screen

Let the free versers reign here supreme

I will turn my back on paper and pen

Never to pick up on my muse again

I bid you goodbye and wish you goodnight

As I exit this stage and leave the spotlight


Who am I kidding, I know you won’t believe

A rhymer must rhyme, just as they must breathe

You can’t write a poem without holding a pen

It’s not a matter of will but a matter of when

Stand back, free versers, I’m coming through!

I’ve got a million poems that rhyme for you!

  • Author: Tallisman (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: October 10th, 2022 00:42
  • Comment from author about the poem: Republished for Doggerel Dave, complete with waiver and abject apology!
  • Category: Unclassified
  • Views: 35
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  • arqios

    I for one am an advocate of both and most poetry types and with your permission the following which I have already posted in another site is another response (also a poor example of a joke) :
    'rimesky a'course ah could've'

    a keen Reader once retorted
    of poetic art reported
    metre and rhyme a poet makes
    lack thereof are artists' mistakes
    Non-rhymers are not quite preferred
    only rhythmic rhymes could be heard
    (apologies no toes meant to be stepped on or opinions crossed)

  • Doggerel Dave

    Do not depart. I’m a rhymer. If you haven’t discovered that already, your head is further up your fundamental canal than I thought. (Although I’m probably not important enough to venture within your horizon).
    Sole purpose of my intervention was to discourage a dynamic at MPS currently manifested by yourself, which forbids any response which is not laudatory praise. Pathetic.
    What you effectively did by your deletion was to censor Teddy’s argument which (despite some difficulties I’ve had with her in the past - now buried) was coherent and reasonable. So restore It.
    And stay on.

  • Thekkinkkattil

    I am you fan so don't go away
    Your poem has made my day

  • Doggerel Dave

    Tallisman: Apologies for the first paragraph of my first entry above. No call for that.
    Please stay.

  • GenXer Shamrocker ☘️

    Never ever stop writing.!! You’re one of my favorites!

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