The Science of Passing the Buck


The Science of Passing the Buck


Come on, I dare you,

blame it

on Covid, or the war

in Ukraine

or maybe, on Brexit

or the weather

for fuck sake ..

Just say it’s too risky

and no one

will notice, or question

the truth

of the matter or care

either way ..

And heaven forbid,

if they did

you could sue them ..

But whatever

the case, deny any guilt

and don’t delay

in pointing the finger ..

At some other

poor bastard, as soon as

you can mate ..




  • Author: Neville (Offline Offline)
  • Published: October 15th, 2022 05:42
  • Comment from author about the poem: it don't matter whether I've got Covid or not, the tendency to point the finger and pass the buck rather than accepting blame when blame is clearly due really pisses me off, as does the increasingly common litigation culture that is gripping the so-called civilised world ..
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  • Dove

    Sorry, blame serves no purpose ! Get well, you be the one who protects others from the spread. Since it may be insidious, sometimes it’s too late

    • Neville

      thanks for the thumbs up & the warning Dove, be sure, I plan to keep my head down πŸ™‚

    • orchidee

      "It wasn't me'; "I wasn't there, whatever it was!" (heehee).

      • Neville

        I've got my eye on you Mr. O .................................................. πŸ™‚

      • Paul Bell

        A fall guy is always needed in every emergency, and the good thing with fall guy's is, they never realise till the handcuffs have clicked.

        • Neville

          If you think I'm gonna fall for that one, then you've got another think coming mate ............ tis a good un tho' I shall try & remember it πŸ™‚

        • MendedFences27

          All it takes is one citizen to pass the buck to another, and then, because there is more than one citizen involved it ends up in the hands of some organization, who then passes it from the local to the regional to the national. They of course, pass it to the government starting with the local, who then pass it to the county, and they pass it to the state which, in turn, forward it to the federal. It then gets moved to the Congress which pass that buck to the president, where Harry Truman said, "The buck stops here," as a measure of taking responsibility.
          Your poem highlights this inane shirking and the preposterous excuses used to achieve it. Where does it all end? Only the originator of the pass has that answer, but he'll probably pass it on, to avoid a lawsuit. - Phil A.

          • Neville

            Well I aint gonna argue with that Phil .. cheers my friend ....... Neville

          • Doggerel Dave

            Never witnessed you so angry here, Nev.... Antipathy totally justified in my certainly not humble opinion - tho' where it comes from, what triggered it ....and I wouldn't blame it on Covid...

            • Neville

              the frustration in question has been festering within me for a very long time indeed .. although I still feel rough, I feel a little better for having got it off my chest ................ πŸ™‚

              • Doggerel Dave

                Forward then to health, continuing wellness as you've found a venue by which you can continue to get it off wherever it hurts.... LjoyouslyOL.

              • Goldfinch60

                That litigation culture does not take to account the real feelings of the majority of people in our world, most just want to live in peace without those in power doing something different.


                • Neville

                  if my head didn't hurt so & my throat and just about every other bit as well, I would maybe try and bend my mental muscle around wot you kindly just left me .. I think πŸ™‚

                • orchidee

                  I'm blustering on with another comment, in an upper crust fashion!
                  Oh, I say, old chap, a fine F poem if I F say so myself, and F well presented!
                  Woof, steady on says Fido. His ears are burning, and the air's turned blue! lol.

                  • Neville

                    Go on, make my day .. prove the point I'm making why don't ya by blaming it on the pooch Mr. O .... Neville πŸ™‚

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