Poetic relationship


A relationship like a poem

Is something you must select alone

Some you have to get to know

Some on you, over time, do grow

Some are love at first sight

Some are a stand of one night

Some driven by passion

Others by love of a fashion

Some you remember all your life

Some calm, others full of strife

Carefully nurtured, groomed and planned

Errors corrected, or they're built on sand

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  • Rocky Lagou

    Very apt analogy dear poet! I love how you humanize poetry to such a revealing degree. This is wonderful!

    • sorenbarrett

      Thank you so much Rocky I appreciate your review and value your comments.

    • dusk arising

      In others poetry we can communicate with the inner feelings, the heart of someone, so often hidden on the outside.

      • sorenbarrett

        Thank you so much dusk, good to hear from you, I always look forward to your reviews and valued comments.

      • Bella Shepard

        I read this poem aloud several times, and each time it became more endearing, and so very true. The symbolism is outstanding and it's a definite fav!

        • sorenbarrett

          Thank you so much Bella your kind words mean a lot.

        • arqios

          An either way image and metaphor. Each also a reflection of the other for the players in both are in possession of hearts and minds that interlock and grow and transform. TFS!

          • sorenbarrett

            Thank you crypticbard for your review and most kind words. You are absolutely right.

          • L. B. Mek

            indeed, i can so relate
            there's a hint of the poetic, in most relationships
            even those disasters we try to forget..
            thanks for sharing dear Poet

            • sorenbarrett

              Thank you L.B. it is true it seems that all relationships have their ups and downs some more than others. I deeply appreciate your review and welcome comments

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