I saw you

NIK Monk

I had faith in you when you didn't even have faith in yourself. I saw angels in your eyes when all you saw were demons. I saw love in your heart when all you saw was pain. I saw your potential when you had already given up. I saw the beauty when all you saw was the beast. I saw your value when you didn't even think you were worth a penny. I had your back when you thought you were alone. I loved you with all I had when all you believed is how you thought you were unlovable. I saw forever and you said you saw always when all you really saw was for right now. I breathed life into you when you couldn't do it on your own and I gave you praise nomatter how badly you screwed up. I told you it would be ok when we both knew it wouldn't.  And I comforted you in every way even when I shouldn't have. I saw greatness where you saw failure. I gave you peace when you were in chaos. Mostly, I gave you all of me, when you gave me none of you. I ran toward you and you walked away like it was nothing. You were my world and I was your moment. I'd give my life for you still, and you're not willing to give a second. I gave you life and you gave me death. Yet I still said I love you with my very last breath. 

  • Author: NIK_ (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: November 19th, 2022 13:36
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  • striving

    Deep. Did you feel lighter after posting? I just posted my first poem and I did🙌🏽

    • NIK Monk

      Thank you. Congratulations on posting your first one and I'm so glad it made you feel lighter. Yes, alot of times I feel lighter and others I feel like there's just so much more to say. It's always good nomatter what to get it out though! Thank you again.

      • striving

        Amen to that! Yea. I agree. I appreciate the positive feedback. Have a great day!

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