Fondest Regards...


Fondest are my feelings,
Yet i feign unfeeling; As you
fade to the wide horizon
Like a lonesome wisp of grass

Though feelings are to wane,
As the sun is to set; Yet say why...

Oh, the tender blooms of spring,
Fetching hues of midsummer,
Wrinkles of the Autumn, Even
frosty winds of a bleak winter night
Shared my Fondest Regards for you

Willing back a dew of moisture,
A hope lost, dry eyed, I stare ahead
And a heartfelt candle weeps for me

  • Author: Aradhya (Offline Offline)
  • Published: November 29th, 2022 10:38
  • Comment from author about the poem: I was so moved by a drama i watched of the parting of a young couple who loved each other yet unable to be together until their death. Hope I was able to convey at least a teeny tiny bit of their extreme emotions!
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  • Rocky Lagou

    Omg beloved poet you never fail to deliverrrrr!!!!! I love how you were inspired by a film, I'm curious as to know which one? 🧐 The imagery you portray is so rich and vibrant. And that final line, ufffff! It's so heartbreaking, "And a heartfelt candle weeps for me." Love this!!

    • Aradhya

      thank you so much rocky for your extremely kind words, so glad you liked this!

      It was a k drama series, (my mistake for mentioning it a movie) called 'empress ki'. the girl marries an emperor and thus they are unable to get back together. she dies of old age (accordiing to history) but he's killed by her husband and there's a lot going on, a bit dramatic with a strong heroine but i absolutely loved it! so if you prefer k dramas with long episodes and a lot of drama, politics and romance i suggest you definitely check it out

    • Neville

      Your title, that which serves as a vivid visual header for the whole page that follows, could not have been better chosen to pave the way for all that which flows feather soft until the conclusion .. Much like the tireless and undulating flight of an unnamed but beautiful bird through the seasons and years and looking down upon the two lovers and their doomed love .. All in all, very muchly enjoyed my friend and from end to end ..Neville 🙂

      • Aradhya

        what a delightful view you have their my friend, for a bird indeed would be a much suited witness! glad that you liked it and thank you for your kind words!

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