Our love


Baby your love means the world to me ,
I have eternity to show you,just what I see,
I see a thoughtful, faithful, steadfast man,
Instead of thinking that I can't do it, with you my love,it is always I CAN,
Your love is like a gentle breeze on a hot Florida day,
And your kiss is as refreshing as a swim in the cool bay,
Your eyes are kind and loving,and I can see that you truly love me,
Baby,it will always be you and I,now and forever ,you will see

That like the roaring ocean I love you deeply

I'm glad that you're in Florida now,
my beautiful steadfast wife.
I don't exactly know how,
but the Lord will keep us together for life.
I look forward to when,
we will be sitting on our porch together,
and go inside our comfortable home,
when there is bad weather.
It will always be the two of us.
On Earth we will have our story.
... but we will truly be together for eternity,
when we finally reach God's glory.
Dion and Melissa Phillips Crown forever

That love shines above us,
That sparkling light of love
Is there and ignites our passion.
The laughter we have
Brings us closer,
Closer each moment,
Each moment we are together.
Without that spark,
Without that laughter,
Love is empty.
I look at her beauty without,
I look at her beauty within
And write these words,
I am a poet,
But she is poetry.

Our love will last throughout the ages,
even though at times,it will be difficult,we will stay full of faith and love,not in stages,
Our love will be a model for the kids and many others,
Of what it looks like to be IN LOVE with Christ Jesus and each other,
Our love will triumph over the difficult times,
Those who doesn't understand will always feel like our love is a crime,
Baby, I thank the Lord everyday that our love is pure,
And I honestly believe that our love will forever overcome and endure.

Closer and closer,
we always get.
I can feel it from the time,
we very first met.
We are closer than,
we were before,
but we are not there yet.
We are only,
waiting on the Lord,
to lead us to what's next.
So for now,
we'll just have to,
phone, facetime, talk, and text,
and continue...
to have a great time.

You are right my love,though waiting is hard,
It is nice to know that with you, I can totally let down my guard,
You make me at ease,in all that we do,
I take comfort in the fact that I will forever have you,
When the Lord led us together,here on this site,
I know that where I belong is with you,each and every night,
To share the yoke of this life that we lead,
Just remember my love that our Lord is all that we truly need

I'm glad that I can make you smile.
I just want you to stay,
for more than a while.
When you need help,
let me be the one to go the extra mile.
I know that we will be forever;
together, tethered,
and never severed.
We follow the Lord,
walking hand and hand,
until eventually into,
His Kingdom land.

Honey,you do make me smile with the words that you say,
But you make me feel your love in every possible way,
The way you smile when you first see me of a morning,
I can honestly feel your love pouring,
That little laugh that you have,when I say something funny,
Is emitting so much love,reminding me of the sweetness of freshly harvested honey,
The sparkle in your eyes,when I kiss your lips,
Makes my heart race and do little happy flips,
There isn't anything better than having the love of the Lord centered in us,
Showing us how to be gentle, loving and knowing how to trust,
Whenever you and I are together my love,our love will forever pour,
With every day that passes Dion, I only love you more

I love you more and more,
each and everyday.
Our love will never fade,
no matter what anyone has to say.
As long as we always,
follow the Lord's way,
He will never,
lead us astray.

As long as we keep the Lord first,we cannot go wrong,
As long as we live for Him,singing a joyous song,
Let us live under His rule,
And let Him guide us to the reflecting pool,
And let Him show us,how He sees us from above,
How we are perfectly made in His image,created out of pure love

You are a precious gift of God in my life living,
As my love, You secured my heart with being alone and surviving.
Be my love till my last breath,
Keep me in your heart after my death.
I know one day we must say goodbye to each other.
I wish I could say first before you bother.
You will embrace me with last time before starting my funeral
My heart will be at peace and make our love real.
This is my last wish, my love, to you,
I was your, am your, will be your here and after not to survive without you.

Even as the years pass
I will still walk alongside you
Our way held in hands
That hold our future together.

The world is too cruel to accept us
But I promise no soul could separate us
Tears form in your eyes when you look at them
But I promise to stay with you and kiss them away
You hold my hand tightly in yours
And I see how much you want me along with you
I know how you were before I came into your life
And how everybody now thanks me for coming in yours
You're in every breath and every ounce of blood in me
I miss you every second when you're not with me
This is a vow from me to you
That this is for evermore

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