What ever happened!!!

Job Welime

All the promises turned into a sorry,

If this love was a movie I guess I would leave the theatre early, 

I have bleed a thousand tears but I was treated like I was made of air,

I have tried my best, but I'm growing tired of never hearing from people who promised they would never forget,

I mean, you were the superhero in my fairytale, saving me again and again loving me back to life, what ever changed??

I used to be enthusiastic about love,but right now when I hear it,my face gives the look of one who had drunk the cup of life and found a dead mouse at the bottom,

All my feelings sit at discouraging positions, disorganized a way only the devil could put them,

To me love was the single greatest gifts I have ever received, but to watch it fade in you the one who made me believe, I was worthy of being loved, it is a curse I'd never wish on anyone,

The eyes that once we're so alive now seem dead inside and try as I may, all my efforts feel like, I'm resuscitating a mannequin,

I thought I've found a way but it seems I never had one to begin with. 



  • Author: Job Welime (Offline Offline)
  • Published: December 8th, 2022 23:27
  • Category: Love
  • Views: 12
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  • Crowns4Christ

    I'm sorry that this keeps happening to you Job,you absolutely do o not deserve this ,the Lord is preparing you do greater things,meet someone special when you least expect it,trust me I Know,that is what happened with Dion and I,

    Hang in there Job,great things are on the horizon

    • Job Welime

      Maybe it is all for some, reason, but what kind of reason can this one really be?

      • Crowns4Christ

        Only the Lord knows,we just have to know that His plans for us are for the better,and that He will bless you with someone that is fully deserving of you and the love that you can give them

      • L. B. Mek

        'All my feelings sit at discouraging positions'
        so relatable...
        still if it was easy to attain, we wouldn't be writing all this poetry about it
        a great read, as-ever dear Poet
        thank you!

      • Job Welime

        Thanks dear poet,

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