Twin flames


Twin flames burning side by side,
Even though in opposite sides of the country we did reside,
Our lives running parallel on different sides of the track,
Threatening to swallow us up,falling through the crack,
But the Lord heard our cry for help and someone to share our story,
He led us here to MPS,and told us not to worry,
5 years later here we are together at last,
Our twin flame burning brightly together,blinding our past,
Now moving forward,our next chapter is starting now,

Albeit we belong to different religions,
We loved each other with no condition.
Our love as twin flames will burn on the earth forever,
Which was unique and will remember ever and ever.
Our story of love became an epic
Where we knew that we couldn't be united
But our love will remain alive be a saga with twin flames burning in the heart of lovers.
God created us to create an example that
Love can be in such a way that where
physic is not mandatory,
touch is not essential, and
romance is not necessary.
Only purity of feelings and maturity of thoughts are sufficient.
Our souls will talk to each other as twin flames, no matter where we live.
That's the purity of love,
where everyone gets a lesson that sacrifice is one of the forms of love.

She walked her path along a different route,
A different route from mine.
Came that day when she was left alone,
Left alone so very long ago,
Her husband passed into heaven.
Came the day that I was left alone,
Left alone not so long ago,
When my lover passed into heaven.
Our paths went on in loneliness,
Then came that day,
That day when our paths merged
And become one.
The loneliness went away
As our life became one,
One with each other
And our love for each other came,
Came into our lives.
A feeling so strong for us both,
A feeling that we know,
We know will be forever with us
As we travel our path together,
Together to infinity and beyond.

The monsters in me that I fear,
Are the angels in her eyes that she holds dear,
Do you want me to tell you of our hearts beating in sync with the same longing?
Are you ready to hear of a love that waited with devoted patience to strike like "let those who love meet''
Well,this is story of a thread that was sewed and now we see it's tapestry,the messy rhymes that found courage to connect and from where I sit, maybe they shouldn't have been called messy in the first place, because this beauty is unmatched,

A happy chapter with your twin flame is starting now
Despite past life hardships apart you went through
Having brought the ends of the country, Lord allowed
To be together so that both hearts beat as one crew.

New history will be made in the new chapter.
As you both stick and share the laughter.
All through the darkness, light and at the shout of the clapper.
There the two, inside one, will seek for a baster.
The meaning of life, will jump out of the cluster.
And will clear all sorrows like a wiper.

tow of the twin flame
plays the real game
gluing us in one rhyme
until we enter the true time
and then meaning blooms
tearing away all the glooms
till I make my way thru my tomb
saying bye-bye to my doom
clearing all negativity off my room
practicing the habit of goodness zoom
so that we might have enough room
to accomodate the love we dreamt to groom
o my twin flame
life with you is ne'er same
o my twin flame
we're ment to ne'er blame.

till that which burns is brightest,
purging all fear away, then I will seek to find
that which will consume my heart.

and twirls the the duo pair
making the air look so fair
for it's now filled with care
that made them to always dare
so cheer little bears
we became the true heirs
sowing the garden of sweetness
reaping the harvest of loveliness.

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