loneliness doesn't exist anymore.

kaetlynn ✿

i wasn’t feeling lonely, 

but when she ended the call to answer her boyfriend i died a little inside.

with tears streaming down my face, i begged the black screen to answer my cries.

i knew no one was there.

i wasn’t feeling lonely,

but i sought love out in everyone i saw.

a little love here in a pretty girl at the mall,

a little love there in the boy who hardly gives me back anything at all.

i gave everything i wanted,



a smile.

i found love everywhere it wasn’t so obvious too,

in the cruel tongue of my mother,

in addiction,

but i couldn’t ever manage to find it for myself.

treat people how you want to be treated should be a dead saying.

should i treat people how i’m being treated?

i wasn’t feeling lonely,

but when my mother told me the kindest words got you the farthest,

i spent the day spewing out the nicest things i could think of.

is this what will make them love me?

i wasn’t lonely,

but i was most certainly feeling alone.

  • Author: kaetlynn b. (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: December 23rd, 2022 03:52
  • Category: Reflection
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  • L. B. Mek

    'in the cruel tongue of my mother,'
    it's our ears and heart's
    who define, the cruelty of people's
    words and intentions
    just because, 'they meant well'
    doesn't eradicate the hurt
    their actions caused..
    (I find this a beautifully worded testimony
    to a burgeoning self dependence
    a championing of self
    and more power to you!
    who knows
    this loneliness may be that spark
    to light the horizons in our lives
    stay strong!
    thanks for sharing)

    • kaetlynn ✿

      thank you! i really appreciate that

    • Natalie Gladmir

      My dear, young and beautiful girl. Such sincere feelings that you experience are the first step in communication and energy exchange with people. Loneliness in two, three, and even in a family is self-adjustment. Shake off the blues and you will see how beautiful the world is with close relatives who love you.

      • kaetlynn ✿

        thank you for saying this, i definitely needed to hear it 🙂 life has many many unappreciated beauties that make it worth living.

      • Darchiavelli

        You're strong and you will always be. Just believe in yourself. You can stand out, even ALONE.

      • Cedrick

        Be strong

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